Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: I | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: I
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: I
Investigate A Murder.
Infinitely Increase Your Room's Size.
Inherit An Mad Scientist's Laboratory - Play With The Things He's Created.
Increace The Size Of Atoms And Molecules Until You Are Actually Able To See Them With A Naked Eye.
Instill Pure Fear Into A Dc By Looking At Them.
Inhabit A Dream Pet (Whatever To Your Liking).
Inject Yourself With A Full Load Of T-virus.
Instead Of Walking, Glide Along Slowly.
Interview A Dream Character.
Infiltrate A Secret Government Base With A Moon Teleport Link.
Invert Gravity By 90 Degrees, Then Watch As Everything Falls To Your Left Or Right, Causing Complete Dustruction.
Invite Other Dream Characters To Take Part In Your Lucid Fantasies.
Imagine Inception If They Used Magic Instead Of Guns.
Increase Lucidity Until You Astral Travel And Meet Ghosts And Faeries.
Imagine How You're Lying In Bed Right Now.
Incite Fire Out Of Nowhere.
Intensify The Effects Of An Explosion Of A Dry Ice + Water/mentos + Cola/baking Soda + Vinegar Bomb To Equal Nuke Power.
Instead Of Flying Yourself, Take Away Gravity Alltogether And See Everything Float.
Increase Self-awareness, Lucidity And Consciousness, Keep Turning Up All The Dials!
Instead Of Executing Them Send Them To The Dungeon To Be Tortured.
Impress A Girl Who Doesn't Find You Interesting By Immediately Giving Yourself Superpowers Of Every Kind.
Imagine Your In Real Life Body Smashing Up And Down On Your Ceiling And Die... On Impact.
Inslave A Dc.
Ignite The Light And Let It Shine.
In The Middle Of A Busy Street, Shout: "I Lost The Game!" (Well, You Just Did.)
Improve Your Ultimate Dodge Ball Throwing Skills.
Influence How I Visualize Things At Will--black And White, Illustration, First/second-person, Etc.
Inject Yourself With Morphine.
Imagine How The World Would Have Evolved Without Any Crime Or War... Just Love And Peace.
Inflict Horrible Pain On Myself.
Inhabit Another Person's Body.
Imagine Your School As If It Were In Space And A Meteor Was Headed For It. (What Would You Do Then?).
Improve Your Lousy Dodge Ball Throwing Skills.
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