Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: S | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: S
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: S
Sew A Cosmic Fabric Using The Seattle Space Needle.
Stop The Oil Spill.
Slapfight With A Dc.
Sing Along With Animals.
Solve A Rubik's Cube.
Share A Dream.
See Peoples Aura's?
Start Flying Up And Up And See What Happens.
Slide Through A Portal To Another Dimension And Explore Parallel Worlds. Ask The Dream To Guide You To A Particular Type.
Swing On A Swing Attached To The Moon And Feel The Stars Next To You.
Spin A Top.
Study In Dreams.
See The News.
Sit In A Spinny Chair And Spin Off The Grand Canyon.
Spend A Day As A Guest Of The Simpsons. Dream In Full Cartoon!
Survive Worldwide Flood.
See Pantera Live.
Shut Off One Of Their Senses At Various Times.
Speak In Binary.
Sling Dream Garbage At Unpopular Dream Characters.
Save The Peguins.
Save The World.
Stay A Day Over Your Intended Visiting Time And Get Deported.
Sing We Are Family In A Japanese Accent.
Spartan Kick Dc's Off A Skyscraper.
Scam A Scam Artist.
Stay On An Asteroid For 3 Hours.
Smash Every Door In A City With Your Magnificent Foot.
Save The Witches Of Middle Ages.
Send A Mail To The Past.
Stop Real Time Now.
See If Astral Projection Is Actually A Thing You Can Do From Your Dreams. Try And Set Up Tests Around Your Room That Contain Information You Could Only Get If You Were In Your Room To Give Yourself Proof (Face Up Card On Top Of A Bookshelf That You Don't Know The Value Of, And If You Happen To See The Card, You Check The Card To See If You're Right).
Start Eating Random Things (Like Chairs, Bricks, Dcs, Or Dirt) And Make Them All Taste Like Chicken And/or Chocolate Cake.
Shake Your Booty.
Save A Firefighter From A Fire.
Sky Dive Without A Parchute And Do Tons Of Crazy Stunts.
Shape Shift Into A Shark And Explore A Tropical Coral Reef. How Are Your Senses Heightened Or Different From Normal?
Shake Hands With Albert Einstein.
Stop Arthas In Joining The Dark Side.
Shapeshift Into The Question Emoticon (Lol Tls).
Shape Shift Into A Octopus.
Suit Up As Iron Man And Chase A Spy Plane Through Deserts And Mesas.
Share A Dream With Your Younger Self, And Give Some Advice.
Sell It To A Poor Person Then Explode It.
Slap A Zombie Ronald Mcdonald.
See What Its Like To Be Blind.
Send A Message In A Bottle, Or By Balloon.
Study While In A Dream.
Stick Your Hand In The Back Of Someones Head And Make Him Your Handpuppet.
Shake Hands With Charlie Chaplin.
Save A Kid From Drowning.
Shout At Someone To Push Them Back.
Shake Hands With Mahatma Gandhi.
See How The Universum Was Created.
Switch Around The Keys On A Keyboard.
Somehow Train My Mind To Give Me No Dreamsigns Like An Aleternate Universe.
Shape Shift Into A Bee And Experience The Life Of An Average Bee.
Shapeshift Into A Seven Foot Tall Baby, Then Run Around In A Mall Body Slamming Crowds Of Helpless Shoppers.
Slip Into A Role Of Somebody Else.
Suddenly Stop The Earth´s Spin And Watch The Disaster From Space.
Spend A Night In A Museum.
Slap Batman.
Surf The Biggest Wave In History.
Save The World And See If Anyone Notices.
Such A Cool Thread.
See My Doppleganger.
See What The World Would Be Like Without Money, Countries And Government.
Solve A Riddle. See If It's Easier Or Harder, Maybe A Logic Puzzle Would Be Harder Than A Lateral Thinking One, I Don't Know. Or Maybe Illustrate The Puzzle Of Your Choice So It's Easier. Or Maybe While Solving Puzzles In General, Remember Being In A Dream State.
Slap Solarflare In Frustration, And Then Make Up.
Shapeshift Into Your Favorite Animal.
Stalk A Dc, And Jump Out And Scare Them.
Save A Plane From A Terrorist Takeover.
Swing Through The Stars.
Say Hi To Big Daddy.
Smack My Language Teacher On The Face.
Switch The T.v On, Then Climb In And Join In With The Programme.
Start A Riot With A Group Of People.
Spend A Billion Dollars In 1 Day.
Strap Yourself To The Propeller Of A Helicopter.
Ski In The Alps On A Never Ending Slope With 3 Meters Of Powder Snow.
Spawn A Mp3 Of Ipod And Listen To A Song Thats Stuck In Your Head.
Speak To Relatives Who Have Passed On.
Sled During An Ice Age.
Speak Pig Latin To Latin Pigs.
Surf A Tsunami.
Sail With Captain Nemo To The Depth Of The Ocean.
Spar With A Video Game Character Like Goku, Ryu, Or Naruto.
See What Cher Would Look Like Without Plastic Surgery.
See If I Can Play The Piano Better In A Dream Or If My Skill Is The Same As In Real Life.
Stealthily Slip In To The Nerf Gun And Threaten The White House With A President.
Snow Angels.
Slay A Dragon.
Shapeshift (Into Anything, Really).
Shapeshift Into A Cloud.
Spend 50 Years In Limbo With The Love Of My Life.
Stab Yourself And See If It Hurts.
Suck On Some Chocolate Salty Balls.
See Through Walls What People Do Inside Their Houses.
Slowly Drift Through Space Without A Spacesuit.
Stick Your Tongue To A Really Cold Pole.
Sit And Do Nothing.
Speak Animal Sometimes.
Switch Eyes With Someone And See If The Appearance Of Colour Changes.
Suicide By Being Buried Alive.
Sail With Captain Ahab To Hunt Moby Dick.
Speed Up Dream Time, Without Speeding Up Your Experience Of It, So That You Have A 1000 Year Long Dream In One Night.
Solve A Mystery With The Scooby Doo Gang Or Sherlock Holmes.
Send An E-mail To Yourself And See If It Arrived In Real Life.
Split Ocean In Half.
Sing Heavy Metal.
See How Long You Can Go Without Breathing - And Hopefully You Wake Up!!
Surf On A Narwhal.
Stretch Your Limbs.
Shouldn't You Snowboy Edit Those Earlier 1096, 1097 Etc. To 1101, 1102 Etc?
See If Dream Characters Can Swim In Lava Loooool.
So, With A Dc Friend Behind You, Walk Through A Sliding Glass Door, He'll Run Into It And Be Like, Lol Wut?
Spew Diamonds.
Survive In A Zombie Apocalypse.
Solve The Perfect Murder Sherlock Style.
Stop Bullets.
Surf In Magma.
See The Source Code For Your Dream.
Sunbathe In A Microwave.
Smell The Colour 9 (Good Luck).
Skateboard On Water.
Sit On The Event Horizon Of A Supermassive Black Hole And See If Time Is Infinite There.
Sleep On Moon.
Spend Time With Deceased Relatives.
Stop Solarflare From Killing Clone, Make Up.
Spray Axe Deodorent On Yourself.
Spit Acid.
Surf On Cars On The Highway.
Stop Time And Do Whatever I Please.
Snap Your Fingers And Make A Cloud Of Smoke.
Stabilize The Dream For At Least A Hour.
Save Someones Life.
Skip Through Town Butt Naked.
Smile, And Make Your Mouth Go Off Your Face.
See What Its Like To Be Various Cartoon Characters.
Spawn A Clone Of Yourself Through Binary Fission.
Study For A Test.
See From Somewhere Else Besides My Face.
Spawn 1,000,000 Justin Biebers, Go On The Moon, And Watch Everyone Suffer!
See How Much Destruction You Can Cause In A Big City Without Using The Same Powers More Than Once.
Stand In The Middle Of A Really Huge Crowd Of People, Start Dancing And Try To Make Everyone Else Dance With You.
Stealthily Slip In To The White House And Threaten The President With A Nerf Gun.
Say One 100 Times In A Row.
Stop Time, Move Things Around And Start Time Again.
See How Someone You Know Will Look 20 Years From Now.
See What It's Like To Be Blind In A Dream O.o.
Stick A Usb Cord Into Bill Gate's Belly Button, Then Plug It Into Your Computer. See What Sort Of Crazy Viruses You Get.
Survive In The Wilderness!
Smash A Window And Rewind The Process.
Save A Family Member Or Friend.
Sing Along With A Song And Have Effects Going Off To The Beat Of The Music.
Scream At The Top Of Your Lungs And See If Anyone Notices.
Shake Hands With Edgar A. Poe.
Shake Hands With Nikola Tesla.
Stick Your Tounge Out Like This Arrow Razz.
Surf A Tidal Wave.
See What Freedom Actually Smells Like.
Split Your Body Into 4 Separate Entities Then Juggle Yourself.
Shake Hands With Jack Lalanne.
Sit On Time.
Solve A Real Problem. Memorize For Instance An Equation And Try To Solve It In The Dream.
Slay Some Monsters With Thor.
See If You Can Come Up With A Joke.
Stay 10 Years In A Dream, dreamtime.
Speak To A Dead Relative Or Meet A Dead Pet.
Slowly Eat Yourself Starting From Your Feet And See What Happens.
See If You Healing Yourself In A Dream Makes You Heal Faster In Real Life.
Sit Under This Spaceship. Ahahaha!! It Burns!
Spin Around And Around And Around And Around And Around.
Speak Other Language Which U Totally Dont Know.
Start Fishing In A "Magical Fountain" And See What You Get.
Stop Hussein From Taking Over Your Country.
See What My Son Will Look Like 20 Years From Now.
Set A Nuclear Bomb On Fire.
Skim A Stone Endlessly Around The World.
Smart Off To A Teacher.
Start The Apocalypse And Watch Everyone Scream And Die In Agonizing Pain.
Surf On Earth Very Fast, Like A Wave Of Water.
Spend Atleast A Month In Limbo.
See The Blue Ridge Mountains.
See My Earliest Memory.
Survive In A World Being Taken Over By Zombies.
Skydive Off Mars To Earth.
Spit Right Down Ur Chin And Walk Around Ur School Or Town To Gross People Out.
See Only In 2d.
Stab Someone To The Point Of A Bloody Crime Scene.
Send A Text Messege To A Friend (This Is A Very Interesting One) Think About This One, What Do U Think Would Happen? Weird Huh.
See What Its Like To Be Deaf.
Spar With Onazzer And Jet Lee.
Strike Your Foes With Lighting Bolts.
Show A Dc You Can Walk Through Walls Then Convince Him That He Can To. Watch Him Fail!
Suck Up The Dreamscape Like In The Ending In The Movie "Paprika".
See What's So Great About Drinking From A Toilet Or A Bowl.
Shout My Name Out Loud.
Survive A Nuclear Strike.
See The Brightest Light You Can Imagine Without It Hurting Your Eyes.
Say Hi To Obama.
Spontaneously Appear Exactly What Everyone Wants Directly Before Them, And See How Happy You Can Make Everyone.
See What Happens When You Shoplift.
Start Massive Brawls At Assorted Public Places, Then Defeat Everyone, Or Watch From A Safe Distance.
Sell Something That Does Not Exist To Someone.
Super Cumshot.
Sprint Through An Enemy Base, Then Enter A Portal That They Are Guarding.
Shape Shift.
Stage A Political Debate With Obama Or Another Famous Politician.
Start An Empire, Take Over Neighboring Countries.
Shave Your Own Face Off With A Cheese Grater.
Scare The Crap Out Of Dcs (Like Burry Yourself In A Graveyard And When They Walk By, Moan Really Load, Shoot Your Arm Out Of Your Grave, Chase 'em And See How They Will React.).
Slide Around Like A Snake In The Form Of A Human.
See What It's Like To Not Have Braces!
Stimulate Your Reality World And Imagine Something Crazy/weird.
Slice A Whole Building With A Katana.
Surf!!! On Molten Lava.
Surf Channels On A Tv.
Sleep In The Dream And Enter A Dream In A Dream.
Set Fire To The Rain.
See Through The Eyes Of Two People At Once? Ten? A Hundred?
Spawn A Dark Clone Of Yourself Through Binary Fission. Give Evil Clone Same (Dream Control) Powers As Yourself.
Sit Down In Front Of A Piano And Try To Write A Song.
Scare Random People By Coming Up Through Them By Walls.
See The Center Of The Universe.
Somehow Make My Dream Longer Than It Actually Is.
Stick Splinters Under Someone's Finger Nails.
Suck Out People's Souls.
Shout Everybody Do The Flop! And Watch As Hilarity Ensues When Everybody Listens To You.
Shake Hands With Bruce Lee.
Start A Business.
Solve A Problem You Couldn't Solve Before.
See What There Was Before The Big Bang???
See If You Can Out-do Tea From Ygo On A Friendship Speech... (Most Annoying One Wins? Very Happy).
See What The Dream Looks Like Upside Down! Try A Few Super Jumps While At It!
Slow Down Time.
Show Dream Characters Magic Tricks.
Spin In Two Directions At Once.
Seek Out A Historical Figure (Einstein Or Nietzsche For Me) And Have A Conversation With Them.
Sweat Liquid Nitrogin.
See Through The Eyes Of Your Favourite Video Game Character.
See Two Cosmic Strings.
Save A Dc And Then Do The Nasty.
See What You'd Look Like As A Different Hair Colour.
Sneak Into An Enemy Base Using A Cardboard Box.
Save A Famous Person/youtuber And Ask For Them To Make A Vlog With You! Very Happy.
Stop 9/11.
Shrug Off Convention And Continuity For A While.
Start A War.
Sleep Walk To Your Dream Journal And Write Down What You're Doing In Your Dream At That Time! Xd.
See If You Can Get Any Information About The Future From Your DG.
Seeing Inside Everybody's Attire Embarassed.
Skydive Off The Eiffel Tower.
See Whats Smaller Then An Electron.
See How Many False Awakenings You Can Make.
Start World War Iii And End It In Seconds.
See The Big Bang.
See In 360 Degrees.
Surprise Yourself.
Spontaneously Shrink To Nuclear Size And Spend The Dream Riding Electrons.
Slay Dragons In The Time Of Lancelot.
Sack Rome With A Barbarian Tribe.
Star In Your Favorite Disney Film!
Sing In Front Of A Crowd.
Switch Between Various Ages Of Your Life And See How Things Will Be In The Future.
Spawn A Giant To Use You As A Skipping Stone, And Have Him Skip You Across The Ocean.
See My Shadow.
Set Fire To Objects Just By Looking At Them.
Sky Dive Starting From Outer-space.
Synthesize Unbihexium-310.
Spend A Day In Flipbook Animation.
Sword Fight With All 9 Ringwraiths.
Send A Nuke Down To Atlantis.
Spiderman Vs Hulk.
Study Intellectual Things.
See What The World Would Be Like If I Were Never Born.
Snow Board On All The Planets, Including The Sun (Sunboard?)
Slide Along Grease Down A Corridor.
Set Your Work On Fire.
Stretch Both Your Arms And Make Your Hands Meet On The Other Side Of The Globe.
Stab Yourself In The Stomach With A Sword.
Survive Elevator Fart Extreme.
Swap Senses (Taste Vision, Hear Flavors, Feel Different Scents Etc).
Seige Or Defend A Castle In Medeival Times.
See How Much You Can Screw With Your Mind In A Dream (Try To Override It Or Something).
Stop Every Major Assassination In History And See How It'd Change The World (I.e. What Would've Happened To Rome If Caesar Hadn't Been Killed?)
Stop World Poverty.
See An Octopus In The Neighborhood.
Stretch Your Arm And Poke Someone From Far Away And Watch Their Reaction.
Sue That Tv Show.
See How The Egyptians Built The Pyramides.
Say "Watch This" To A Dream Character And Do Something Impossible.
Sit On A Mountain And Create A Song.
Set Santa And The Easter Bunny In A Ring, And Make Them Battle!
Sing Under Pressure With David Bowie And Freddie Mercury.
See What Its Like To Be The Opposite Sex.
See A Memory You Didn't Know You Memorized.
Shapeshift Into A Pony Or Zebra.
Start A Fight Club.
Smell A Rose. Can You Really Smell It?
Stand Over Your Sleeping Body And Stab Yourself. See What Happens. (Wake Up?).
Say "What What, In The Butt".
Say Something Really Embarrassing To A Random Dc.
Surf Under Water.
See If It's Possible To Voluntarily Remove Your Senses Eg Try And Make Yourself Deaf, Then Deaf And Blind Etc.
Spin Yourself A Spider Web And See What It Catches.
Start A Water Fight On A Battle Field.
Slide Around The World On Your Head.
Skydive From Space To Earth.
Skydive From Space.
Strip Someone Of Their Life Force Mk Style.
Smash Your Computer With Sledgehammer.
Strangle Someone, Just To See What It's Like.
See What Happens When You Release The Might Of The Undead At It's Fullest.
Save A Damsel In Distress.
Swap Perspectives With Your Dog And Experience The Life Of Fido.
Spend A Year In Dream Time Just Living Life.
Sing A Super-fast Song In A Different Language.
Seperate An Ocean Like Jebus.
See The Dream From Its Perspective.
Say To A Dc. Bring Me To Your Leader, Now!
Sonic Rainboom On Nyan Cat To Get Into Mordor.
Sit Under That Tree And Feel The Breeze.
See What's At The Center Of The Moon.
See What Your Subconscious Looks Like.
See A Nightmare In A Dream.
Sky-dive Off A Building Into Pudding!
Shape Shift And Find My Favorite Form That I Like To Shift Into.
Show Someone Love, And Blend With Them To Become One Being.
Smell Things.
Smash Expensive Things With A Baseball Bat.
Spend An Hour In An Empty Room.
Start A Riot With The Dcs.
See My Favorite Bands Play Songs They Never Play Live In Real Life.
See Physical Representations Of People's Souls Walking Around, Instead Of Their Bodies.
Surf On Sound Waves.
Serve Up Some Mcdonald's There.
Shave Chewbacca's Hair Off And See What He Looks Like. Shocked.
Stick A Metal Knife Into A Power Outlet.
Swap Minds With A Dream Construct. (Think 'freaky Friday').
See Wierd Things.. Very Wierd Things..
Sit Down And Watch The World Passing By.
Soar Over Great Mountains And Valleys Like An Eagle. Feel The Breeze Against Your Skin, And Taste The Ultimate Freedom Of Unlimited Flight.
Spontaneously Combust.
Share A Dream And Do Any Of The Above.
Skydiving Holding Hands With A Bunch Of My Friends (Forming A Circle With Our Open Arms).
Swing From A Giant Vine Attached To The Moon And Travel The World.
Smile So Big, The Whole World Sees It.
Shooting Lasers Out Of My Eyes.
Slide Down A Rainbow.
Solve A Rubiks Cube In.000000000000000000000000000001337 Seconds.
Spit A Huge Glob Of Spit Into The Air In Slo Motion.
Sit On The Top Of This Spaceship. Wohoh!
Survive All Seven Years At Hogwarts.
Speak Xhosa.
Stick A Trollface On Yourself And Say Problem Sir?? To Everyone You See.
Suicide By Sky Diving. (Without A Parachute.).
Starting Off As A Day Old Baby Have A Pre-cognitive Dream About The Rest Of Your Life, Become A Prophet.
Speak Without Words.
So Much Rage Right Now.
Spin A Spinning Top And See Wether Or Not It Eventually Falls Over.
Skip Through A Field Of Flowers. Embarassed.
Snowboard On A Different Planet.
Simply Just Play A Game (Ps2 Or Pc) Without Cheating Razz.
Start Be A Baby And Drink Milk!!
Spit Fire Into A Pool Of Blood.
Slide An Endless Water Slide Which Has No Logical Paths Xd.
Sword Fight With A Stuffed Animal.
Surrender To The Evil Cookie Lord.
Skip In A Meadow.
See What It Feels Like To Be Poor.
Sit On The Edge Of A Cliff Outlooking Space While Drinking Some Nice Earl Gray.
Scream This Is Sparta!!!
See It Is Like To Be Small As A Hamster And Explore Your House.
Spend 3 Days On The Moon Waiting For Neal Armstrong To Pick You Up To Carpool You To School.
Split Into Multiple Dream Bodies.
See If You Can Do That City Bending Thing From Inception.
Slow Down Time Of Doing Something Awesome (Like Punching Someone Or Running Away From An Explosion).
Superjump From One Moving Car To Another.
Solve A Mystery (How Were The Pyramids Built? Who Killed Jfk?).
See How Your Friends Look Like In 2d And Laugh At Them.
See Yourself From Someone Else's Point Of View.
Say To A Dc That You Are Willing To Help Him/her With Anything The Dc Like.
Smell That Somthing Is Blue.
Start A Revolution.
Stop A Criminal.
See Things That U Allways Wanted To See.
Sail On A Ship (Big Or Small).
See If The Baloon Can Actualy Fly.
See Whats On Tv.
Sanction Thursdays As Cuddle Cute Kittens Days.
Shapeshift Into Water.
Spawn A Wrapped Present And Open It!
Stop Time, Move Something From A Dream Character's Hand (Such As A Fork Holding Food), Start Time Again.
Stretch Your Arm And Grab Something On The Other Side Of The Globe.
Sit Down And Chant Om A Couple Of Times. (To Prolong The Experience).
Spawn Your Favorite Roller Coaster.
Seal Something.
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