Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: R | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: R
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: R
Revisit Elementary School And Surprise Everyone With Your Super Knowledge.
Rip Off Your Own Head.
Re-experience A Life Changing Event Or Personal Memory.
Rule The Planet/rule The New World Order!
Recreate Old Memories.
Remember Lost Memories.
Race In The Game Sugar Rush.
Record Yourself And In Your Dream Change Your Breathing Patterns And See If It Changes Your Breathing Patterns In Real Life.
Reanact Everything I Do In A Dream In Irl.
Relive An Old Dream (That's Probably A Repeat, But Whatevs.).
Rip Your Arm Off With Your Other Arm.
Ring Someones Doorbell,then Hide And See What Happens.
Roll Up Your Body Like A Sleeping Bag.
Reach Into A Book And Pull Something On That Page Out Of The Book.
Reach The Edge Of The Universe.
Re-enact The Fight Scene Between Neo And Hundreds Of Angent Smith's From The Matrix.
Rebuild The Rock Statue Shaped Like A Top Hat.
Reverse The Continental Shift And Watch The Devastation.
Robot Fried Chicken.
Rip My Soul Out, Put It On Fire And Put It Back Inside, Burn Into My Mind What It Feels Like To Have A Burning Soul.
Raise Chao's (From Sonic).
Rename Apple Inc To Mapple Inc.
Recreate The 1600s And Introduce Heavy Metal To Priests.
Running Leaps That Carry The Mind For Miles.
Remove The Spatial Dimensions To Get Familiar With The Feeling Of Nothingness.
Repeat Slower, Faster And Faster.
Raise The Land Beneath You And Shape It Into A Stadium.
Recreate Your House And Destroy Everything.
Rebuild Narnia After You Destroyed It.
Remove My Brain.
Remake A Movie That You Didn't Like With Better Everything. In 3d Hi-def!!
Remove An Engine Part Off Of Someone's Car And Tell Him That You Need It For Personal Reasons.
Replace Ugly People's Heads With Bowling Balls.
Rip Of All Your Fingers On Your Left Hand Or Right Hand And Watch Them Turn Into Worms.
Relive A Childhood Non-lucid.
Rob A Bank.
Raid A Supermarket.
Rooftop Roller Skating.
Roll Down A Hill In A Hamster Ball.
Replace Obama With A Robot.
Rise Up Zombies And Make Them Do A Musical.
Rewrite A Bad Memory Into A Really Good One. Maybe An Embarassing Time For Yourself, Put Someone Else There Instead.
Re-live Previous Dreams.
Rip A Hole In The Space/Time Continuum, Then Go Into It.
Reality Check.
Ruin The Back To The Future Movie By Changing The Date On The Delorean's Time Machine (A Little Trip To The Prehistoric Age?).
Revisit The Most Early Childhood Memories, Forgotten By The Awake Self.
Realize You Are Lost And That You Fail At Life.
Relive Your Best Childhood Memories.
Read A Book In Your Dream, Then Re-inact Whatever The Book Says...(Little Different Than 346).
Rope The Moon And Pull It Towards You.
Randomly Moonwalk Across The Hood Of A Semi Truck.
Reverse A Sunset.
Rule Galaxies.
Roleplay, Basicly You Create Your Life (Familey, Friends, Get A Job) And Return To That Dream Everynight So You Can Have 2 Famileys And 2 Lifes.
Remake The Ending Of The Chronicles Of Narnia And Have The Animals That Save The Day At The End Be Dragons.
Rob A Robber.
Reverse Time And Do Everyday Things Backwards.
Rearrange The Order Of The Planets, Including The Earth And Sun.
Raise Cheese Pillars From The Ground.
Radiate Light.
Race The Duracell Bunny In The Olympics.
Re-visit Your Old Neighborhood!
Redo The Jumanji Events.
Race A Beam Of Light To The Sun.
Retrieve And Relive Lost Memories.
Revisit The Night I Revisted Summer Camp, And Went Nighttime Mushroom Hunting With Jer And The White Horse.
Request A Challenge.
Raise An Army Of Zombies.
Relive Past Memories And Do Them Differently Than You Had Before. Then, Return To The Present And See How Your Life Has Changed.
Re-enact The Entire Battle Of Endor Scene.
Race Sonic The Hedgehog And Win.
Roll In The Deep With Adele.
Reverse Gravity And See What Happens.
Raise Aglet Awareness.
Race Avatar Ang In Skiing.
Rock Out With Your Favourite Band.
Relive Your Favorite Movie/Game.
Rearange The Stars For A Loved One.
Rent An Apartment And Have An Epic Journey Of Finding Enough Money To Pay Rent.
Resurrect Dinosaur Bones And Let Them Loose Somewhere Public.
Rob A Gas Station By Controlling The Cashier's Mind.
Re-create And Play Out A Previous Dream That Wasn't Lucid.
Roll In Money.
Recall Dreams.
Reflect On Existencial Questions.
Re-wire Your Brain.
Recreate A Scene From Inception.
Rapid Prototyping Creative Projects!
Recreate Your Favorite Scene From A Movie And Become Part Of It.
Relive Your Entire Life And Live It Perfectly.
Re-create Someone Else's Dream.
Race Usain Bolt And Win.
Rename Ipod To Eyepod.
Revive Justin Bieber.
Release A Fireball And Teleport In Its Impact Area.
Ready The Diary Of Mario.
Reach Out And Touch Faith.
Reunite Someone With Something They Had Long-lost.
Raid Massive Dungeons, Legend Of Zelda Style.
Retrieve A Long Lost Item.
Re-Create The Evel Kneivel Wembley Jump [although He Does Get Hurt Bad Lol].
Rule The World.
Race Light Cycles.
Remember Birthdays.
Re-enact All The Asdf Movies.
Rip A Hole In The Dream And See What's In It..
Relax And Eat Any Kind Of Ice Cream While In The River.
Retire The Business And Just Laugh At Everyone Who Misses This Ice Cream.
Reenact A Scene From 300.
Reenact The 5 Gum Commercials To Stimulate Your Senses. Wink.
Recreate You House, Go To The Bedroom, Wake Yourself Up And Say You're Dreaming.
Recreate Mythical Cities Like Atlantis.
Redo Memories, With Super Powers. Heh.
Reach Down Your Pocket. There's A Pill There? Eat It And Be Astounded By The Consequences.
Rip A Lightning Bolt Off A Cloud And.
Reenact The Endor Scene Without A Fighter... Just Fly Around And Shoot Lasers From Your Hands/Eyes/Whatever.
Rename Myself Into Omega.
Replace The Dream Famous People With The Robot Version.
Rip Out Your Heart And Watch It Turn Into A Clone Of You.
Reinvent The Wheel, And Try To Make Money Off Of It.
Rip A Chunk Out Of The Earth And Make It Your Own Floating Island In Space.
Remove Buildings That Block Your Sight.
Recall Your Day While Spinning And Have Like A Super Vivid Flashback And Then Get Up Look For A Grading Sheet And Make A A+ On Your Next Test.
Rehearse The Moment When You Tell Someone You Love Them.
Reach In Your Pockets And See What You Pull Out.
Replay Lord Of The Rings Battle Scenes.
Reach The Speed Of Light.
Recreate A Scene Of Your Favorite Movie.
Revisit Memories And Change Their Events In My Favor.
Re-live Missed Memories.
Rob A Bank And Immediately After You Got The Money, Tell The Bank Clerk That You Would Like To Deposit Your Cash There.
Reenact Some Moment Of Your Life.
Resurrect The Dead.
Relive The Plot Of An Awesome Movie (Star Wars, Inception, The Matrix, Harry Potter ***the Last One Only Because It Would Be Cool To Do).
Randomly Strum A Guitar And See What Kind Of Music Plays.
Receive Any Of The Messages You Sent As A Kid.
Roundhouse Kick Chuck Norris.
Raid A City Because Your Favorite Soccer Team Lost.
Recreate The 60s And Go To A Beatles Concert.
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