Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: P | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: P
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: P
Perform A Ritual.
Put Peanut Butter On The Top Of Mount Everest Have My Dog Climb It Just So It Can Lick It.
Point At A Car And Make It Explode.
Project Self Into The Astral Plane, And Or Discover Alternate Planes Of Existence I Wasn't Aware Of Beforehand.
Punch A Tv Until It Cries?
Put Alot Of Lipstick On So It Covers Your Entire Face With Red.
Participate In A Battle From Romace Of The Three Kingdoms - Which Is Basically The Dynasty Warriors Series.
Perform Inception On The President Of The Us.
Pay The Most Distracting Dc $10,000 To Keep The Other Dcs From Distracting You.
Perform Alchemy And Summon The Philosopher's Stone.
Punch At The Air So Quickly That The Shockwave Destroys Your Surroundings.
Pull Out Your Brain And Ask It A Question.
Perform Inception On A Dream Character.
Perform Surgery On Your Own Body.
Punch A Penguin Into Orbit While In Antarctica.
Pick Up A Boulder And Launch It At A Commercial Airplane.
Perform The "Screw Gravity" Meme From Asdf Movie. Right Next To A Dc And Watch Their Reaction.
Put Your Hand In An Industrial Shredder.
Put A Soundtrack On All Your Awesome Endeavors.
Pull Other People's Eyes Out.
Pull All The Planets In Your Solar System Into The Sun.
Pop Outside Of A Cake At Someone's Birthday Party.
Practice The Perfect Kiss?
Purchase A Soul-eating Demon From The 19th Dimension.
Protect Someone From Someone Else, Then Harm The One You Saved.
Punch The Earth So Hard That You Cause A Giant Shockwave To Destroy Things Around You.
Push Down A High-priority Windows Update Which Deletes Windows And Installs Linux.
Put As Much Suns Or Moons In The Sky As You Can.
Propose To Your Crush.
Practice A Skill You Are Trying To Master In Real Life.
Put Your Zombie Plan In Action, And See If Your "Inner Self" Thinks It's Functional.
Pull Peoples Heads Off And Put Them Back On Upside Down.
Perform Onstage With Your Favorite Band/singer.
Put Yourself In A Fictional (Or Non-fictional) Setting And Live It Out. Sword Art Online, X-men, Walking Dead, Whatever You Want.
Pose For A Picture In Front Of The Mars Rover.
Play Mafia Ii.
Poke A Random Dc's Head And Watch Their Reaction.
Pile Up Wood Lite It On Fire With Your Mind Devour The Fire As If Its A Drink.
Pod Racing On Your Local Free Way.
Practice Kissing Or Various Moves On Dcs.
Put My Brain In Something Else.
Pour Windex On A Donut And Eat It.
Put A Folder Inside A Folder That Is Inside A Folder.
Put On An Alien Suit Just Before You Land.
Posses A Dc And Make Him Destroy A City.
Plan Ahead With You Gf And Experiment On How Things Would Go.
Poke Someone With A Straw Then Drink Their Blood Through That Straw.
Parkour Off Of Skyscrapers.
Plant A Seed In The Ground. Give It Some Water (That Makes The Seed Fullgrown In One Minute) And See What Grows Out Of It.
Poll Your Subconscious To Try And Remember Something You Had Forgotten.
Participate In A Street Race... With Sled Dogs. On The Moon.
Pimp Out A Turtle With Nos And Neon Lights. Ride It Around Town And Challenge Street Racers.
Part The Atlantic Oceans. Ever Read The Book Of Exodus, Where In The Story Moses Parts The Red Sea, Why Not Do That To The Atlantic?
Plant A Seed, Have A Flower Bloom In Front Of My Eyes, Give It To A Dc.
Practice Your Driving Skills In Case You Haven't Gotten License Yet.
Put Yourself As A Character From A Tv Show And Re-act The Episode From The Person's View.
Present New Ideas To Yourself Via Dream Characters.
Protect Your Ship From Pirates.
Push A Dc Into A Volcano.
Pass The Speed Limit And Tell To The Policeman That Youre The One Who Makes The Laws There.
Pull A Canvas Over The World And Remake It.
Predict All The Jokes Your Gonna Hear Right Before You Go To Watch A Comedian Live, Get There And Be Really Disappointed.
Produce A Beuatiful Storm.
Protect O.j. Simpson, Malcolm X And Mlkjr.
Practice Your Public Speaking Abilities In Front Of A Packed Auditorium.
Participate In The Hunger Games.
Put A Live Frag Grenade In Someone's Pants.
Pass Through A Mirror Portal And Emerge In A Different Dimension. Is This Earth Ii? What's Different? What Can You Learn From This Place?
Party Like It's 1999.
Possess A Dream Character.
Preform Inception On Yourself.
Pull The Sun Closer To Earth.
Pick Up Energy Off Of Power Lines And Become Electro Man!!
Pull Your Eyes Out.
Participate In An Epic Samurai Battle And Siege The Opposing Lord's Castle To Gain The Ultimate Honor!
Planting These Dream Seeds Will Help Cement Your Lucidity And Give Your Lucid Dreams More Meaningful Direction. It's Win-win.
Put A Stop To The Panic.
Pull Your Heart Out Of Your Chest And Watch It Beat.
Produce Music Without Any Instuments.
Puzzle Out A New Lucid Dreaming Induction Technique With Stephen Laberge.
Pull Out All Your Guts(Or Someone Elses!) And See How Long It Really Is.
Put On An Invisible Cloak On Everything But Something Like Your Head Or The Upper Half Of Your Body...
Put Cenobia And Celosia In One Room And See What Happens (Shadow Of The Colossus).
Prove Evolution To A Bunch Of Christian Fundamentalists By Turning Them Into Apes.
Pick Your Friends.
Purchase A Large Amount Of Boxes And Make A Box Fort.
Prevent One Direction From Becoming A Thing.
Participate In The Whitebeard War.
Put Yourself In The Role Of Neo In The First Matrix Movie, Starting By His Computer In His Room Just Like In The Film. See What Happens!
Practice For Something (An Encounter, A Song, Lines For A Play).
Portal Escape (Jump Through Portals To Escape A Secret Agent).
Put A Virus Into Your Own Computer.
Plant A Tree That Grows Something New Everytime You Visit It. [books, Gumdrops, Prisms, Tiny Cartoon Animals That Speak English, Etc.].
Put Yourself In An Insane Asylum - Alice, America Mcgee Style.
Practice Parkour Across Rooftops And Revel In The Freedom Of Movement.
Perform Gangnam Style In Madison Square Garden With A Bunch Of Other Toy Soldiers.
Prefrom A Mandible Claw On Dc
Pick Up Any Instrument And See If You Can Play Well.
Plant Something That Can't Be Planted (Like A Stetoscope, For Example) And See What Grows.
Pick Your Friend's Nose.
Pay A Visit To Burning Man At Night.
Put On A Pair Of Rollerblades And Glide Your Way Thru A City.
Portal Gun...nuff Said.
Predict 9/11 A Minute Before It Happens.
Prevent A Major Catastrophe (9/11, Pearl Harbor, Holocaust).
Purge Your Darkness And From Yourself And Fight It To The Death.
Push Over One Of The Stone Heads On Easter Island.
Pretend I Never Saw Those Posts.
Prank Phone Calls.
Point Your Finger Like A Magic Wand To Create And Destroy Objects In Your Dreamscape. What's The Largest Single Object You Can Influence?
Practice Parkour Without Being Hurt, So I Get Better At It In Rl.
Perform A Reality Check.
Preform Pink Floyd's The Wall N Its Entirety While In A Single Dream.
Pull All The Continents Together To Re-create Pangaea.
Ponder A Mysterious Vista.
Pull Out A Boombox In A Variety Of Situations And See The Result =d.
Phone Yourself In The Future To Find Out The Lottery Numbers.
Pull A Transmitter Out Of Your Pocket, And Say, Beam Me Up, Scotty.
Put On The Sorting Hat. Be Sorted.
Perform A Ghost Trick. (Play Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Irl To See What I Mean).
Pick Up A Paint Brush And See If You Can Paint A Masterpiece.
Pull Something From Inside A Picture.
Put A Jigsaw Puzzle Together.
Pick A Fight With Twenty People And Win.
Plan Out Your Next Day Exactly And Do It When You Wake Up...
Put A Message In A Bottle Into The Ocean And Find It In A Later Dream.
Preform Experiments In Theoretical Physics While Exploring The Universe.
Possess The Mind Of Other Dream Characters, In The Style Of Being John Malkovich. How Do You Appear From Their Perspective?
Perform Music Live Very Well.
Probably Said Before, But I'll Say It Anyway: Be The Pony.
Press The Easy Button And See What It Says.
Pick Your Nose.
Prevent 9/11.
Pull Off A Freefall Without Waking Up Scared.
Put A Dc Through A Lie Detector Test And Make Them Question Reality.
Participate In A Street Race. With Hoverboards. While Wielding Lightsabers.
Punch The Ground, Creating An Earthquake.
Picture Yourself In A Boat On A River, With Tendering Trees, And Marmelade Skies.
Perform Heart Surgery.
Practice Your Favorite Sports And Reinforce Your Automatic Procedural Memory For Each Set Of Muscle Movements.
Pretend You Are In A Video Game, And Play Along.
Point Your Finger Like Aa Gun And Shoot People By Saying "Bang!"
Preform Dark Magic, Or, Better Yet, Try To Influence Your Waking Life Using Dream Based Sigilian Magic!
Post A Message In This Thread.
Practicing My Guitar Skills.
Put On A Disguise And Become A Loved, Hated, And Feared Vigilante.
Pay Some Hobo All Your Stuff (In Your Dreams!!).
Pretend Your Like Cod And Run Around Shooting People With Ray Guns.
Participate In A Famous Historical Event Like The Sinking Of The Titanic.
Playing On Stage With A Rockstar.
Part Soup Like In Bruce Almighty (Laughing).
Parkour Off Buildings And Clouds And Cars. (Make Sure You're Dreaming Okay?)
Point At Something And Say Bam.
Pre-plan A Fight Like Robert Downey Jr. In The Sherlock Holmes Movies.
Pull The Moon Closer.
Pet A Fluffy Dog.
Put Wheels On Your Bed And Be Comfortable While You Drive.
Punch A Rock As Hard As You Possibly Can.
Push The Earth Out Of Orbit And See How The Population Slowly Dies Off.
Participate In A Series Of Aperture Science Tests.
Purge World Of Darkness.
Plant Nukes In Random Large Cities Then Blow Them Up And Watch The Destruction.
Put The Sun On An Ice Cream Cone And Eat It Like Ice Cream.
Put A Giant Building Inside A Giant Blender.
Pull A Rip Van Winkle.
Put A Dvd Or Video Into A Tv And See What It Plays.
Populate An Area With Dc's.
Prevent E.t. Returning Back Home By Destroying His Space Ship With A Spirit Bomb.
Punch A Demon In The Face.
Put On The Tights Of The Apocalypse.
Perform The Exorcism On Possessed Person.
Possess Someone.
Participate In A Street Race... With Hoverboards.
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