Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: O | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: O
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: O
Open A Haunted House.
Overthrow A Tyrant.
Order One Of Everything At A Restaurant Then Leave And Watch Through The Window What Happens.
Own The World.
Obseve The Bio-chemistry Of Extraterrestrials.
Observe The Nature Of The Electron In The Double Slit Experiment Without Disrupting The Interference Pattern.
Observe Spontaneous Combustion.
Over Dose On I-doser (Impossible In Irl).
Order A Pint Of Vellocet Down At The Moloko Bar.
Open A Museum.
Own A Multinational And Do What It Takes To Keep It Running.
Obtain An Evil Fish.
Own The 'golden Compass' From The Movie To Go To Different Dimensions.
Open A Restaurant With A Completely Open Menu.
Own Your Own Theme Park.
Open A Portal Into Someone Elses Dream And Start Messing With Their Dream.
Order A Pizza With Weird Toppings... Then Eat It.
Own All Of Wall Street.
Open An Empty Book To Have The Next New York Times Bestseller Reveal Itself To Me. Publish And Get Lots Of Money.
Own The World Because You're Just That Rich.
Open Up Your Own Brothel!
Own A Companion Monster And Name Him Something Cool Like Asphemitran Morphasis.
Open A Drawer And Discover An Entire Civilization In There.
Own A Tardis.
Organize A Freeze, Musical Moment, And/or Some Other Kind Of Public Adventure.
Open A Mystery Box From Call Of Duty: Zombies Mode.
Open An Hell Portal In The Middle Of City.
Open Your Pocket And Let The Cloud Out In A Crowded Street.
Open Someone's Completely Random Door To A House, Throw A Flashbang In And Look Back In Like 10 Min.
Open And Walk Through A Door Backwards. See Where You End Up.
Obtain Information About Your Future.
Open A "Windows Media Player" Window And Listen...
Obtain Super Powers Like The X-men. Bend Metal With Your Mind, Read Other People's Thoughts And Teleport Anywhere Instantly.
Open A Box Marked "Surprise".
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