Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: W | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: W
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: W
Wear Furniture.
Write On Paper And See What Happens.
Win The Ultimate Showdown!
While Playing Pokemon Go, Jump In Front Of Traffic.
While Playing Pokemon Go, Find A Church On Fire At 4 Am.
Witness 2012 And Live.
Whisper And Then Make It Sound Really Hard Two Metres Around You.
Write Something, Get Another Dc To Read It Back To You.trying Going Onto The Internet.
While The Homeless Person Is Crying Tell Them That Its Allright Because You'll Remove Their Clothes For Them.
When You Feel Like Waking Up, Grab Ocarina Of Time And Play Song Of Time And Get To The Beginning Of Your Dream. Repeat. Enjoy Infinite Ld.
Write The Number 3388 In The Sand With A Stick.
Wake Your Friends Up...and Dream Together In The Same Place.
Win The World Series.
While In A House, Elevate The Floor Up Or Down. (Already Done! Very Happy).
Write Songs.
Write A Letter To Your Subconscious Asking To Make You Become Lucid More Often.
While Playing Pokemon Go, Run Into A Cop.
Work On Expanding Your Mind's Abilities. Spend Some Time Working On Things You're Bad At. For Example, I'm Bad At Physically Manifesting Things In Front Of My Eyes. I Can Actually Make Small Lasers Now, But Before They Were Always Invisible Lasers. I Still Can't Teleport Without Doing Some Fancy Spin Technique Though. And My Mind Is Absolutely Horrid At Maintaining Dream Cohesion, Working On Having My Brain Remember Details About The World Around Me Would Be Another Things I'd Like My Brain To Get Good At.
Witness The Universe Get Created.
While Playing Pokemon Go, Get Shot.
Wild Into A New Lucid Dream And Do The Same In That. Repeat And Get To As Many 'dream Levels' As You Can.
Warp The Laws Of Reality, And Transform Your Dreamscape Into An Escher Painting. Subsequently, Explore!
While Playing Pokemon Go, Get Stuck In A Tree.
Write The Greatest Story Ever Written And Then Burn It.
Witness An Atomic Explosion.
Write Book Entirely In Dream. Take Notes, And Try To Recreate That Book In The Real World.
Witness Nuclear Warfare.
Win The Hunger Games.
Weakamon Sure Doesn't Like Them Undead..
Wake Up A Random Dc Napping.
Witness The End Of The Universe.
Wizard Battle!!!
Work On An Essay For School And Write It When You Wake Up.
While Playing Pokemon Go, Call 911 Over A Stolen Pokemon.
Wield A Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts).
With Your Mind, Push Mount Everest Down Into The Ground So It Is Flat Land.
Wear A Robot Suit That Is Made Out Of Clouds.
Witness My Birth.
While A Dc Is Sitting On A Chair, Make The Chair Spin Extremely Fast In All Directions.
Witness The Big Bang.
Wake Up, Dont Move, And Successfully Reenter The Dream.
While Playing Pokemon Go, Find A Dead Body.
Write "This Is A Dream" Across The Sky In Winnie The Pooh's Blood, Because Why Not.
While Playing Pokemon Go, Trespass.
Write A Poem, Then Write It Down After You Wake Up.
Win Oscar For Being The Biggest Douche, And People Will Applaud You.
Wake Up Completely Refreshed.
Win Something.
Witness A New Color.
While Inside An Airplane, Go To The Pilot's Cabin, Knock Out The Pilot, Take Over Control And Say It's Show Time!
Write A Paper.
Win A Golden Ticket And Take The Tour Of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Taste The Guilt-free Delights Of Your Own Personal Candy Land.
Wear Sunglasses So You Get Supah Powahs.
Wear Majora's Mask.
Write In Your Dream Journal About The Dream You're About To Have.
Write A Dream Journal In Your Dream As Thing Happen.
Wield Mjolnir.
While Floating In The Air, Blow Up A City Below. Watch The Havoc From Up Above.
Witness The Roswell Event.
Wonder Why 666 Is The Number Of The Beast. Why Not 1337 Or 123.
Win An Ostrich Race!
Warp Spacetime To Fabricate A New Reality.
Win An Olympic Gold Medal.
Win A Game Show.
While Playing Pokemon Go, Fall Over A Cliff.
Work In A Restaurant Where You Make The Best Pancakes.
With James Bond, Fly A Jet Overtop Of An Enemy Base, Parachute Out And Take It Over.
Wonder At How I Have No Life.
Write Something More Intelligent Than Shakespeare.
Wreck The Joke, Several Times.
Wither A Fig Tree.
Win The Case.
Write A Book In Your Dream Read It Notice You Can't Read It Become Lucid Then Publish The Book Irl.
Wake Up From Life To Realize You Were Dreaming The Whole Ti.. Cuts Off In Mid Sentence As He Just Exited Rem.
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