Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: T | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: T
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: T
Tazer Someone You Like And Tell Them It Was A Joke.
Two Words, Five Syllables. Zero. Gravity.
Take A Bath In Money.
Teach Somebody To Fly.
Take A Bubble Bath.
Try The Oculus Rift.
Typical Buckeye Lol!
Time Anchor, Ask Anything You Want To Find Out, A Specific Event Or Time For.
Try Out If You Can Stick Your Arm In Your Belly And Grab An Organ.
Take Part In A Viking Feast. Eat Meat And Drink Mead Then Brawl With Overly Manly Vikings And Get Laid With Pretty Nordic Women Afterwards.
Try Cat Food.
Take An Elevator.
Take On The Viewpoint Of A White Blood Cell, Moving Through Your Body As You Fight An Incoming Infection.
Trip Over Nothing And Accidentally Punch Somebody While Falling Down.
Taste A Star.
Train Pokemon.
Think Of Something Without Making It Appear In Front Of You **super Hard**.
Transfer Your Energy Into An Obe.
Take Psychotropic Drugs.
Tamper With Your Genetic Makeup Such As Making Yourself Based On Boron-silicate.
Take Your Nose Off.
Teach A Dream Charecter How To Lucid Dream.
Take Away Facebook And See What Happens To Society.
Teach Human Race About Love.
Take A Pen And Draw Things You Want To Summon.
Take On Darth Maul, Darth Sidious Or Count Dooku In A Duel.
Take A Picture Using A Camera And See What Happens.
Teach A Class On How To Lucid Dream, Then Go To Sleep With The Dc's.
Take Flight As A Golden Eagle.
Tame A Creature And Use It In Battles.
Think Of The Scariest Thing That Can Possibly Happen And Fight It With Your Fist.
Take Over The World With Neo-you.
Take A Hammer And Pound Nails Into Your Body.
Try Out The Jump Program From The Matrix For The First Time. See If You Make It.
Teach A Cow To Do Pull Ups.
Taste The Rainbow.
Terrorize The Shores Of Europe With Your Viking Crew, Gain Riches, Bang Women, And Get The Hell Out Of There Before They Can Retaliate!
Type An Essay Without It Changing.
Time To Get Creative And Add Photo Links.
Take A Big Breath And Try To Realize That Your Not Even Breathing.
Taste Otherwise Untastable Things.
Take The Role Of Hiei From Yu Yu Hakusho.
Twist The Streets, Roads Cities, And Buildings, Like Inception, Yes, But Better.
Take The Form Of A Hurricane Or Tornado, And Destroy A Whole City.
Train An Army Of Penguins.
Talk to Jesus About His Life.
Teach An Entire Dream Population How To Fly.
Touch A Neko Girl's Ears!
Try And Influence Feelings, Such As Being Hungry, Needing To Use The Bathroom Etc.
Train Some Of Your Best Friends And/or Girlfriend In The Jedi/sith Arts.
Tear Open Space-time.
Try Tame A Golden Dragon (Awsome If You Manage To Tame It.).
Telepathicly Make People I Know Feel Certain Ways About Me Like Respect Me More Or Something.
Taste A Cloud.
Then Revive Him And Slap Him In The Face, Then Say You Are Sorry.
Take Over Reddit.
Tease People Because They Can't Fly.
Tiptoe Through The Tulips.
Teach Maths To A Class Of 2000 People Of Different Cultures And Intelligence Levels.
Taste Water.
Tear The Blue Off The Sky Like Wallpaper And Expose The Real Sky.
Take Some Melatonin Pills.
Try The Stairway To Heaven (Or The Highway To Hell?).
Try A Food You Have Never Tasted In Real Life.
Take A Tree Out Of The Ground By It's Roots.
Think Of A Song In Your Head To Make It Like Speakers In The Dream. Have Everyone At Time Square Dance To It!
Take A Dinosaur To Work.
Tramsform Into A Sasquatch And Let The Dunces From Finding Bigfoot Hunt You.
Trip Up A Set Of Stairs (If It's Been Said Then Trip Upstairs Upside Down).
Tear A Hole In The Space-time Continuum And Fly Through It. See What You Find.
Take Your Eyes Out And Put Them On Your Hands.
Take A Ferris Wheel Off Its Stand, And Roll It Down A Street.
Take A Long Walk Outside In The Night Throughout The City.
Take Every Disease In The World And Assemble It Into One Giant Monster...then Battle It And Defeat It For The Sake Of Humanity.
Take The Gun From The Cops Arresting You.
Traverse Clouds.
Take Some Lessons At Hogwarts, Then Ultimately Conquer The School With Your Newfound Powers.
Take It With You On The Rest Of These Goals.
Tear Apart With My Bare Hands Michael Clarke Duncan On Half.
Taste And Share The Paopu Fruit With Sora And Kairi.
Tear Down An Entire Building With Your Bare Hands.
Take Any Kind Of Drug, Or All Of Them All At Once.
Tazer Somone You Don Like.
Test A Tsunami.
Touch Sound..
Take An Arrow In The Knee.
Try Out Hairstyles And See Them On Yourself.
Take A Pill Designed To Keep You In A Lucid Dream For 1 Month.
Taste Gold.
Taste That Somthig Is Red.
Take Out A Magical Piece Of Paper And Make Your Drawings Come To Life.
Take A Bullet For Abraham Lincoln.
Take Over Youtube, Allowing Only Videos Of Cats To Remain.
Take The Cage Of A Desk Fan And Use It To Shred People. Twisted Evil.
Try Taking Over The World.
Train With Goku.
Then, Have The Exact Opposite Dream From The One You Wrote About.
Try Out A Different Job.
Tunnel Through The Ground Via Eating Dirt.
Take A Nap On A Cloud.
Then Falcon Pawnch Justin Bieber In Slow Mo.
Take Part In An Oil Orgy.
Time Dilate In Your Dream And Live An Entire Lifetime.
Take On Sephiroth.
Troll A Dc.
Try Melatonin. In Your Dreams To Keep Going Down In Dream Levels.
Try Out Cartoon Physics.
Telekinetically Change Your Clothes.
Try And Recreate What Happened In The Last Game You Played.
Take A Swordfight Against Myself.
Think Of An Idea So Incredible, Just Thinking About It Makes Your Head Explode.
Take Random People's Ipods And See What Song Plays When You Hit Play.
Take Your Favorite Tf Comic Or Episode And Watch It From A "Non Interfering" Stand Point.
Travel With The Doctor In His Tardis.
Take Over Every Business In America And Tell Donald Trump he's Fired.
Taste Using Your Nose, Smell Using Your Ears, See Using Your Hands.
Taste Colors.
Take Someone With You On A Flying Trip.
Trap An Enemy Inside A Painting, Then Giggle At Them.
Team Up With Him And Devise A Plot To Destroy All Magazines Except Mad.
Take Pictures In Your Dreams And Store Them For Later Use.
Think Of More Stuff To Do In Your Dream.
Train At A Skill In Your Dream And Become Expert At It In Irl,(Sniper).
Try And Discover Cures For Real Diseases (Maybe It'll Work In Reality?).
Taste Something You Have Never Tasted Before.
Try Not To Control Things And Just See What Happens.
Take Over A Dc's Life And Just Do Whatever He/she Does.
Try Sleeping.
Take A Flight Of Fancy On Your Futuristic Hoverboard - Which Travels Across Land, Sea, Air... And Even Uphill. Marty Mcfly Would Be Proud.
Therapy Session With The Empty Space And Dissolve Your Own Body.
Then Scoff The Lot.
Try A 'bliss' Patch (A Highly Addictive Drug In The Form Of A Patch On The Neck, From Doctor Who).
Team Up With Pinkie, Kill Pinkamena, And Make Sure Cupcakes Never Happens.
Two Words/ 3 Sylables....portal Gun.
Trap Someone's Soul Inside An Orb And Play Around With It.
Try Sharing A Dream With Someone You Know.
Touch An Airplanes Spinning Propellers While They're Spinning!
Take Off All Your Clothes Yo!
Trip On A Hallucinogen And Time Travel/teleport.
Take A Nap.
Then, Challenge Them To A Knife Fight. Make Them Coward Out Of It.
Take Place In An Ancient Battle (Like During The Times Of Babylon, Egypt, Etc.).
Take A Nap And Have A Lucid Dream.
Try Some Dream Toast.
Take A Holiday In Cambodia (It's Tough Kid, But It's Life!).
Troll A Dc Then Morph Your Head Into Trollface And Start Singing Trolololo. Look At The Dc's Face.
Try Tamper With Brain Cells And Hormones To Effect Your Waking Like. For Example Make Yourself Not Hungry In Waking Life.
Trip The Big Kool-aid Guy And Watch All The Kool-aid Spill Out Of Him And Say"Ohhhhh-yeahhhh!".
Take A Journey To The Center Of The Earth And Explore What Lies Within. Remember This Is Fantasy Land. Science Goes Out The Window...
Take A Blood Bath.
To Infinity And Beyond.
Take Your Brand New Ferrari Out For A Spin.
Take Somebody's Nose.
Trip And Miss The Ground.
Tornado Surf.
Thinking Of Items Too Add To This List While You Are Sleeping Wink.
Take A Lighter To Old Salem And Get Burned For Being A Witch.
Team Up With Link And Save Hyrule.
Take A Time Machine To The 1930s And Travel With The Circus Freaks.
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