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Reality Checks
Reality Checks
Reality Checks are where you do something that is impossible in reality, but possible in dreams. Attempting them teaches your brain to think inside of a dream, so you try it out in the dream and then become aware that you are dreaming.

We almost always go throughout our day on autopilot, rarely actually taking any time to notice or think of what is actually happening. For us to become more lucid, we need to become more lucid in our waking life.

Reality Checks are one of the easiest things to start doing, and thoughtfully analyzing our reality. They give you a step back moment, letting us see if what is happening is taking place in a dream or reality.

We will usually have our first lucid dream when we realize that something is weird in the dream, letting us notice that it's not and then we become lucid.

To become more lucid in your dreams, you need to become more lucid in your waking life.

Here's a few different Reality Check's that you can do:

a) Write the letter "A" on the palm of your hand. Look at your hand regularly throughout the day to make sure that you still have a letter "A" on your hand. If it changes or it's not there, ask yourself if you're dreaming.

b) Pushing your finger through your other hand. This is a very easy reality check to do. You can even try pushing your finger through any thing solid, like a ghost would be able to. If you're successful, you're dreaming!

c) Look at a certain word on a sign, book, etc. Then look away for a second and look back at the same word. Is it still the same word, or has it changed? If it's changed, ask yourself if you're dreaming.

d) Try to fly. Just jump. If you can fly, it's an obvious sign that you are dreaming.

e) Plug your nose. Can you still breathe through it? In your dreams you can breathe in any situation, even when you're underwater.

f) Look at a digital watch. Look away, and look back. Does it say the same time? If it changes or doesn't even slow a possible time, you're dreaming.

Next Steps

1. Now pick two Reality Checks that will be easy for you to do throughout the day.

2. Once you've picked or created them, attempt them at least 15 times per day (that's about once every hour of you're waking day). It might look like a lot, but it doesn't take more than a few seconds to do one.

3. Use an alarm or timer to remind yourself throughout the day to do reality checks. There's also apps that you can download to do this on your phone.

4. When ever you do a reality check, ask yourself, "Am I dreaming?" Really look at the situation. If you don't put any thought into this, it won't be effective in you're dreams, and you are then just wasting your time. Truly be critical of the situation. How did you get to where you are now? Is this something that's normal? Can you prove that you're not in an actual dream?

5. The next time you find yourself in a dream and do a reality check, it will all be worth it. Just don't get excited!! That can quickly wake you up!
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