Lucid Dream Tips: 61-Point Relaxation | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Lucid Dream Tips: 61-Point Relaxation
Lucid Dream Tips: 61-Point Relaxation

1. Study the figure. The image above illustrates 61 points on the body. To do this exercise, you need to memorize the location of the points. (This is not very hard, as the points are arranged in a simple pattern.) They start at the forehead, travel down and up your right arm, across to your left arm, down your torso, then down and up your right and left legs, and then back up your torso to the forehead, where you originally started.

2. Focus on one point at a time. First start at your forehead. Focus your attention between your eyebrows and think of the number one. Keep your attention there Point 1 for several seconds until you actually feel that your awareness of the location is clear and distinct. Think of your self actually being located at this point. Before you move to the next point, you want to feel a sense of warmth and heaviness at the spot.

3. Now go through each of the points in sequence. In the same manner, successively focus your attention on each of the first thirty-one points. Proceed slowly, and imagine your self being located at each point as you reach it. Feel the sense of warmth and heaviness before moving on. Do not allow your mind to wander. At first you may find this difficult to do; you will discover that at times you suddenly will forget that you are doing the exercise and start daydreaming or thinking about something else. If you lose your place, return to the beginning or the last numbered point you attended to, and continue. Practice with thirty-one points until you can attend to them all in sequence without daydreaming or losing track.

4. Now practice on all sixty-one points. After you can do the first thirty-one points in sequence, repeat Steps 1 and 2 covering all sixty-one points. Practice this until you're able to do all the points and stay on focus. Next you use this exercise with lucid dream induction method.
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