Does Eating Cheese Give You Nightmares? | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Does Eating Cheese Give You Nightmares?
Does Eating Cheese Give You Nightmares?
Can you get nightmares from eating cheese? What about about eating certain types of cheese before you go to bed?

To find out, the British Cheese Board carried out a 'scientific investigation' in 2005 where participants were asked to eat a three ounce piece of cheese before bedtime, and then kept a record of their dreams and nightmares to find any patterns and see if they really could induce cheese dreams.

75% of the volunteers were able to sleep pretty well every night and most of those could remember and report their dreams. It looks like the essential amino acid in cheese - called L-Tryptophan - was having its effect on the cheese-eaters by normalizing sleep patterns and lowering stress levels. Blue Stilton cheese generated very vivid dreams - not necessarily nightmares, but certainly wacky in their content.

The common Cheddar cheese gave sleepers more dreams about celebrities, while Cheshire cheese generated a dreamless sleep. Red Leicester created nostalgic dreams containing childhood content, and Lancashire produced the worst dreams of all...dreams about work - definitely a nightmare for some people!

So, can you get nightmares from eating cheese? Probably not, but it does seam to make dreams more intense, which makes it easier to remember more dreams, and they also produce more vivid and emotionally charged dreams, depending on what kind of cheese you eat before you cheese dreams. In my case it has the same effect at L-Tryptophan, longer dreams.
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