Dream Control and Experiments | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Dream Control and Experiments
Dream Control and Experiments
Once you start to have lucid dreams, next you can work on dream control. There are multiple things you can do to do this. Just practice and try different things. In a lucid dream, you're only limited by your imagination.

Here's a few things you can do to control your dream:

Flying--Just about everyone's favorite. Try and jump from a tall building and glide or slow your descent. Or just jump and fly.

Lights--This is a simple form of control, though it is actually really hard to do. First turn the lights out. Next turn the lights back on. It's harder to turn the lights on!

Marbles--Make a bag of marbles. Take them out, change the colors of them, and then mutate the marbles into other objects of that color or another color. Guess what, you've now just proven that dreams are actually in color.

Change the Environment--Once you know how to create things, do even bigger things like creating or changing buildings and dream characters. Make a pool or amusement park. Have fun.
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