Lucid Dream Tips: Chaining Dreams | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Lucid Dream Tips: Chaining Dreams
Lucid Dream Tips: Chaining Dreams
Dream-chaining or "chaining dreams" is a method to go back in your dream after you've woken up, except you're lucid when you go back.

Once you've woken up with memory of just dreaming (if you don't think you were dreaming, it won't work as well), stay still and keep your eyes closed. You can do small movements, but the less movement you do, and less sensory stimulation, and time awake, the better. It's best when it feels less like you've woken up, and more like you're just doing a 30 second break from dreaming. Next close your eyes and then visualize yourself back into the dream.

Stay aware as you do this, and maintain the fact that you're dreaming, or it will be very easy to lose your lucidity, and just fall to asleep normally. Once in the lucid dream, stimulate your senses as soon as possible.
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