How to Sleep Better: Top 10 Tips for Better Sleep | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
How to Sleep Better: Top 10 Tips for Better Sleep
How to Sleep Better: Top 10 Tips for Better Sleep
It's important to have both a healthy mind and body, besides improving your chances for lucid dreaming. Here's 10 tips on sleeping better - making it easier to have lucid dreams.

Give Yourself Enough Time to Sleep.

Everyone needs a different amount of sleep - on average you need around 7.5 to 8.5 hours of sleep each night. If you press the snooze button every morning, or drag yourself out of bed and don't feel rested, then you are probably not getting enough sleep and your probably suffering from sleep deprivation. Give yourself sufficient sleep by going to bed sooner, like earlier than midnight.

Go to Bed at The Same Time Each Night.

To sleep better, try to go to bed at about the same time all week long so your bodily rhythms can stay in a routine. To help this process, get curtains that let some sunlight through, so the sun can naturally wake you up at the same time each morning, keeping your Circadian Rhythms the same time.

Sleep Tip #3 - Avoid Stimulants at Night.

Do not drink tea, coffee, and soda drinks, or eat chocolate; these all have caffeine which keeps your body and mind awake for hours. This also stops you from getting the deep non-REM sleep you need in your early hours of sleep. Be aware of your caffeine intake and how it generates any sleep deprivation and soon you will know how to sleep better naturally.

Avoid Bright Light Before Bed.

It is not natural at all for us to be immersed in bright light right before going to sleep at night. This makes our brain think it's still daytime and interferes with our Circadian Rhythms. If you need to read before you go to bed, use a low wattage bulb (15 watts should do the trick) or use a dimmer switch. Make it easy on the eyes.

Avoid Heavy Meals Before Bed.

A heavy meal makes your body crank up the digestive system when you actually want to be making your body nice and relaxed for better sleep. Also, if you go to bed on a full stomach, you might induce acid reflux which can disturb your sleep and possibly even trigger Night Terrors and nightmares.

Set a Bedtime Routine.

A regular routine makes your mind and body start winding down for the night at the same time each night. Make it a relaxing one - don't be on the computer until you want to pass out. Some people have a *light* snack an hour before bed so they don't sleep on an empty stomach. You can try a cup of herbal tea to relax those jittery nerves. Then always empty your bladder right before bed so it doesn't wake you up in the night disturbing you.

Keep Your Bedroom Cool.

Every one has an optimum room temperature that gives you better sleep, so make sure your room isn't too hot or too cold. Have enough layers to bed in the winter and switch to a light sheet in the summer. It's a little better to be a little on the cooler side so you can wrap up warmer if you need to.

Don't Lay Awake for More Than 30 Minutes.

If you toss and turn in bed, being unable to get to sleep for any reason, don't go through this for more than 30 minutes. Just get up and do something to occupy your mind. You'll eventually get sleepy enough to fall back to sleep. Reading is known for making people sleepy.

Don't Stress If You Can't Sleep.

Don't lay in bed stressed over not getting any sleep. Odds are, your mind is buzzing with too many thoughts, so stressing over how to get to sleep will make it worse. Listen to some isochronic tones to silence your mind chatter and create a relaxing meditation. Then visualize a lucid dream intention.

Ask About Unusual Sleep Behaviors.

If you have a partner, find out if you ever snore, shout, talk, temporarily stop breathing, or move around a lot during sleep. You might have a sleep disorder (anything from sleep deprivation, to sleep apnea, to REM sleep disorder) that is keeping you from getting good quality sleep. If you do, see a doctor and then you can soon discover how to sleep better for good.
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