How To Create a Lucid Dreaming Lifestyle | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
How To Create a Lucid Dreaming Lifestyle
How To Create a Lucid Dreaming Lifestyle
Always try to keep in mind while learning lucid dreaming, that patience, practice, and persistence pay off. You NEED to do daily practice when you start learning how to have lucid dreams. Lucid dream methods will gradually become a habit to you, though in the early stages it's required that you make a determined effort to do the methods repeatedly throughout the day. A lot of the methods take only seconds to do and can be done in any place.

Good eating and keeping a good sleep pattern is also very important. Always try to avoid sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and anything that can interfere with your sleep pattern. If you can't avoid these substances, then try to avoid them in the afternoon and evening hours before you go to bed so you can let your body fully process the substance before bed.

It's also good to create a healthy sleep environment. Make it so there are no interruptions, distractions, and noise.

You can also get habits that encourage lucid dreaming. Get one of your friends interested in lucid dreaming and work through the techniques together, discussing your observations each day, sharing dream details, and reporting the results. This keeps the idea of lucid dreaming in front of your mind every day. Or you can find and join any of the many discussion groups online that are about lucid dreaming, where you can find an entire group of people interested in lucid dreaming.

Talk about lucid dreaming with your family. Every day, talk about your dreams of the previous night, like at breakfast time or on the way to school or work. Doing this each day will help you all improve your dream recall.

If you got kids, encourage lucid dreaming in your children by talking with them about their dreams each day. Tell them about your dreams, and work on helping them have lucid dreams.

Before bed, read about lucid dreaming so you can have the topic of lucid dreaming in your mind when you fall asleep.

These extra steps will help create an environment and lifestyle that then encourages the onset of lucid dreams.
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