How To Fall Asleep In 10 Minutes Or Less | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
How To Fall Asleep In 10 Minutes Or Less
How To Fall Asleep In 10 Minutes Or Less
The easier you can get to sleep, and the more dreams you can have, the more likely you are to have lucid dreams. This technique should put you to sleep, or put you in such a relaxed state that you can have a WILD from it.

1) Go to bed and have your eyes closed, and think about how comfortable your bed is, letting your entire body sink into the bed. After one or two minutes, open your eyes and do this exercise.

2) Look up, then down. Do this 30 times.

3) Next look right, then left. Do this 30 times.

4) Next move your eyes clockwise in a complete circle. Do this 30 times.

5) Next move your eyes counter-clockwise in a complete circle. Do this 30 times.

6) To have a variety, for exercises four and five, you can do figure 8's with your eyes, which combines exercise four and five into one step. One thing that works well with this exercise is concentrating on different parts of your body while doing this, concentrating on the top of the head, or behind the eyes, or concentrating on the throat area while in the middle of the figure eight, and then concentrating on the heart region at the bottom of the exercise.

The movements work the best when done slowly and done in a stretching type of movement, for example, moving the eyes as far up and down, and right and left, as you they can go.

By now you have either fallen asleep, or you are in a very relaxed state where your mind is very still and you can easily fall to sleep.

Here you can either do nothing, and go to sleep, or keep doing the eye exercises, with your eyes closed. While doing this, it can help to visualize the number you are on when counting, and visualize the word DEEPER at the other end of the count movement.

If you start to see images, move your concentration to the images to strengthen them and draw yourself into the scenery.
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