Lucid Dreaming Tips: Dream Signs | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Lucid Dreaming Tips: Dream Signs
Lucid Dreaming Tips: Dream Signs
For Dream Signs to work, you MUST be using a dream journal, and you need a good understanding of the repeated scenarios, symbols, and themes that you get in your dreams.

Almost every one has certain people, objects, places, or situations they frequently get in their dreams. For example, I dream a LOT about work, so that's what I would use to become lucid.

Once you know the things which exist frequently in your dream world, you can focus on visualizing them at night before you go to sleep. This isn't required, but it will increase the odds of having your dream signs more often and using them to become lucid.

Eventually, when you are dreaming, you will see one of your dream signs, they should make you aware that you are dreaming. Don't get excited. Just has fun in your lucid dream!
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