Lucid Dreaming Tips: Dream Healing | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Lucid Dreaming Tips: Dream Healing
Lucid Dreaming Tips: Dream Healing
Lucid dreams can be really therapeutic. When you're sleeping, the part of your brain that controls your emotions basically shuts off. This might explain why we're so emotional in our dreams.

If you got a current issue or problem in your life, try to work it out in your dreams. There are many books of this subject, and the idea's even getting more popular among therapists.

If your issue deals with a certain person or situation, and you got an idea of what you need to do, create the problem or situation in your dream. Once you've that this, try to do some role-playing with dream characters. Practice resolving the situation in a realistic setting. Don't try to influence your dream characters to act out of character. Though it might help your ego, when you deal with the problem in waking life, it won't make you very prepared.

You can also ask your subconscious mind directly for advice. In dream, every person you see is just you, your subconscious. Talk to a dream character about your problem and get their (your subconscious) advice. You might very surprised at how helpful the answers can be. If you're extra intuitive, your dream characters might even make correct predictions about your situation.
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