How To Fly In Lucid Dreams | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
How To Fly In Lucid Dreams
How To Fly In Lucid Dreams
Anyone can fly in lucid dreams!

Being able to fly is of course something all of us have imagined doing since we were kids. It represents what we admire most in life; adventure, travel, independence, freedom, and excitement.

Flying is just about the most popular lucid dreaming activity for good reason. What ever we're doing, evading danger, traveling across a dreamscape, or going for a joyride; flying in lucid dreams gives us pleasures that normal waking life just cannot.

Flying Without Limitations

While most skills in real life require both mental and physical ability, lucid dreaming requires nothing but the mental aspect. It's simply "mind over matter". So, if you totally believe you can can fly.

To get to where you can fly with no effort, you need to able to free your mind of any limitations. If you're struggling, try to find out what's holding you back. Be honest and ask yourself:

Do I know and believe it is possible to fly in my lucid dreams?
Am I afraid of falling or dying?
Do I have a fear of flying?
Scared to fly?

Get rid of any resistance, reassure yourself, and imagine yourself flying successfully.

Learning to Fly in lucid dreams

Some lucid dreamers can take flight on their first attempt and never look back. If you can't do that, here's some tips to help you start flying in no time:

Remember that you got no gravity in your dreams, so just start to slowly lift off the ground. Hover a few feet up until you are ready to move higher. If you got a fear of falling, this is a good first step.

Imagine you're running on the Moon or a planet that has way less gravity than Earth. With each step you jump a little higher and farther through the air. Within 10 steps you can jump over a building.

How to Fly in lucid dreams

Now that you're ready to fly, here's some different ways to take flight. Try them all out and find the best method for you:

Visualize wings. Grow a pair of feathery wings like an angel or bird, or change your arms into mechanical wings like an airplane. Flapping and gliding are normally associated with flying so they can help you connect with the sky.

Swimming motion. Imagine that the sky is water. Move your arms as if you're swimming through the sky; breaststroke, freestyle, or backstroke...whatever works, do it.

Superman-style. Put one or both of your arms out in front of you and just go flying through the sky.

Use an object. If it's still hard to fly, try a broomstick like Harry Potter, a magic carpet like Aladdin, or a jetpack/suit like Iron Man.

Use your imagination! Remember, this is a dream, you can do anything! For example: Grab onto a bird while it flys off, create E.T. in your bicycle basket and then pedal through the sky, or just turn off the gravity "switch."

If your flying only lasts a few seconds and then you wake up, make sure you do not get too excited. Stay calm to prolong your lucid dreams.

If you start to fly and then find yourself slowly sinking back to the ground like you're a deflated balloon, it might be from having only partial lucidity. To fly with full control, you must have a higher level of lucidity. Concentrate on your hands until everything get's crystal clear focus.

If you're still scared that you'll fall from a great height, even though it's a dream, remember that there's no law of gravity in the dream world. You might perceive gravity in your dreams, but that is just a construction of your mind.
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