Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous? | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous?
Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous?
Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous? The only difference between a normal dream and lucid dreams is the fact that when you have a lucid dream, you are aware that you are dreaming.

Almost every single lucid dream is a positive, rewarding experience. Lucid dreams in unpleasant dreams or nightmares can change habitual fear into conscious courage. The simple state of having a lucid dream can elevate the mood of a dreamer when having a nightmare. In a study of the effect of lucid dreams on mood, college students reported that about 60% of the time, realizing they were dreaming in a nightmare helped them feel better. Lucid dream were seven times more likely to make their nightmares better than worse. About the only people who shouldn't try having lucid dreams are people who have trouble distinguish between waking reality and the constructions of their imagination.

One concern is that dying in a lucid dream can make you die in reality. How would we know if this were true? Anyone who died from dreaming would not be able to tell us about its content. Many people, after waking up alive, have reported dying in their dreams with no waking effect. Dreams of death can even be insightful experiences about rebirth, life, and transcendence.

Some people think dreams are messages from the unconscious mind that shouldn't be consciously changed. Modern research on dreaming, suggests that dreams are not messages, but are models of the world. When awake, sensory and perceptual information controls our model. When dreaming, our bodies are paralyzed and our brain creates a dream world based on a secondary source; our motivations, assumptions, and expectations. These are difficult to identify while awake, so a world based on these, the world of dreams, can help us recognize them. So dreams are not messages, but are clues into the inner workings of our minds. The conscious and critical awareness that accompanies lucid dreams simply lets dreamers thoughtfully interpret their dreams while they are occurring.

Finally, some people think lucid dreams are so exciting and pleasurable that they might become addicted and "sleep their life away." We have a biological obstacle to staying in lucid dreams too long: we have a limited amount of REM sleep. Lucid dreams can be inspirations for how to improve in reality. Your behavior greatly influences your experience in both the waking and dream worlds. Lucid dreams can tell you how you can make your waking reality more exciting and enjoyable.

Is lucid dreaming dangerous? Not at all!!!
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