Hypnagogic Imagery and Lucid Dreams | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Hypnagogic Imagery and Lucid Dreams
Hypnagogic Imagery and Lucid Dreams
Stimulate your thinking by switching your attention over and over. After doing this enough, the images and sounds begin to take a momentum of their own (this is called hypnagogic imagery), and they may get very strange and illogical.

You can then enter a dream at this point and quickly become lucid. Or you'll eventually realize you have gone in to sleep paralysis consciously.

Because hypnagogic sleep paralysis involves full consciousness, dreaming will sometimes be frighteningly real. Often there's a feeling of being flipped upside down, spun, or being tugged upon by an outside force.

Hypnagogic imagery might also include weird auditory hallucinations, dark beings and flying. It is possible to even observe waking reality while you're in a hypnagogic state, but this is limited to the sensations of your actual body. Hypnagogic sleep paralysis usually occur when you're sleeping face up.
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