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How to Stop Time in a Lucid Dream
How to Stop Time in a Lucid Dream
Stopping time in dreams can let you experience more time in a dream than you get in real life. Stopping time – or even just slowing it down – can be hard for some to learn, but it's definitely not impossible, as nothing is impossible in your dreams.

There are a few techniques out there for stopping time in your dreams, and new ones are frequently discovered. You might even come up with your own ideas for slowing or stopping time in your lucid dreams. Those with extreme control of their dream world have reported that they have experienced months or even years of a dream life in ONE single night!

Time Stopping Techniques

Remember that this is a difficult technique to master. Though, it can be done, even by new lucid dreamers. Here's a few methods you can start working on when you have your next lucid dream.

Just say it! Say time is stopping. Making assertive statements in your dream is a great way to make things take place in your dream. For example, just say "Stop Real Time Now" in your dream. It will then seem like time stops outside your dream, but in your dream, time just keeps on going normally. You can spend a lot of time within your dream before you wake up.

Slow down the clock. You can start small, by first slowing time, and then build up to actually stopping time completely. View an analog watch or clock with hands, and visualize the hands moving more slowly. Then make them stop completely. This also works for speeding up time if you want to time travel, or change the scenery from one season to the next.

Make a dream timer. For example, you can create a timer that let's you know you when your dream is over and you need to wake up. For some, it looks like a clock with a D for dreaming and an A for awake. You start out with a D, and when you get to A, the dream is over. By using this timer, you can slow it down so you spend more time in your dreams, at least in your mind. This can take you from little dream scenes to full-blown dream movies where you get a lot more done in the same amount of time.

Stopping time in your dreams is really interesting, and it will probably take some practice to get it down. Try different methods to see which ones work the best for you, as different methods work for different people, in this along with all other dream control topics.
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