How to go Somewhere in a Lucid Dream | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
How to go Somewhere in a Lucid Dream
How to go Somewhere in a Lucid Dream
1. When you go to bed, think up a single phrase or question about the thing you want to dream about. For example, if you would like to visit Greece. Write down the phrase and maybe even think of and draw a picture illustrating it. Memorize the phrase in the picture, if you made one. If you have an action that you would like to do in your desired dream, formulate it now. Under your target phrase, write: "When I dream of the phrase, I will remember that I am dreaming."

2. Now go right to bed.

3. Think of the phrase or image you drew. Visualize yourself dreaming about your topic and ending up lucid in the dream. If there is something you would like to try in your dream, visualize doing it. Meditate on the phrase and your intent to become lucid in a dream until you are asleep. Don't let other thoughts take over.

If you do end up with other thoughts, just change back to thinking about your phrase and lucid dream.

4. When you get in the lucid dream, do your intention about your topic. Ask any question, find ways to express yourself, try or learn new behaviors, or just explore your situation. Remember to notice your feelings and stay aware of the details in the lucid dream.
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