How to Make a Lucid Dream a More Vivid Dream | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
How to Make a Lucid Dream a More Vivid Dream
How to Make a Lucid Dream a More Vivid Dream
One very easy way to make a lucid dream more vivid is to simply tell your subconscious to increase lucidity. This is similar to the MILD technique, where you tell your subconscious things so that they hopefully become true. In your dreams, what you say can become reality. If you believe in it, saying or shouting ideas can turn them into reality.

Shouting, "MAXIMUM CLARITY NOW!" can be useful any where you're at in your dream. I like to shout out as soon as the lucid dream starts. When I first start the lucid dream, the dream can be way less vivid and yelling out 'MAXIMUM CLARITY NOW!' easily fixes that! Telling my subconscious to increase clarity is the easiest way I know of to make the lucid dream more vivid.

Now, just like with everything else with lucid dreaming, shouting to increase vividness needs to be done with both conviction and intention. You should really KNOW that you are going to increase the vividness when you shout, and you also want to focus on your surroundings as you shout it. I've yelled out 'MAXIMUM CLARITY NOW!' and ended up with the lucid dream getting only a little more vivid.

When using this stabilization technique, one thing you can do is focus on something in your dream – a tree, a dream character, anything you see. When you tell your subconscious to increase lucidity, you then begin to notice more details in the item. This is even better if you can touch the dream item while you are shouting, "MAXIMUM CLARITY NOW!" This let's you bring details like texture and heat into focus as well, and the visual details of the item get's better.

If you think that shouting might disturb your dream, you can always just say, "Increase lucidity." It will probably work almost as well, as long as you say it with conviction. If yelling the phrase doesn't work as well as you think it should, add more emphasis, so it sounds more urgent. Your dream will usually respond better to commands that are more urgent and immediate than those that are not.

When to say it.

Some lucid dreamers, when starting out, get confused about when they it's best to yell out, "MAXIMUM CLARITY NOW!" It really depends. For most people, this is a very effective way to anchor themselves in the dream once it starts. I personally like to always use it right when my lucid dream starts, as normally, the dream isn't as vivid at the start.

Also, this can be a quick way to stabilize your dream when things start to get a little fuzzy. If you start noticing a lack of detail in your dream, or think that you are about to wake up soon, shouting, "MAXIMUM CLARITY NOW!" can help you get more focus, make the dream more vivid and prolong your dream.

If your dream starts to get more de-stabilized, you probably need to combine this technique with others to make the lucid dream more vivid. For example, rubbing your hands together or spinning around. When ever you use these other techniques, you should get a habit of also yelling out, "MAXIMUM CLARITY NOW!" This just makes the other techniques work even better, and it's very easy to do! I also do this during the day (In my mind!) while doing reality checks. That makes it easier to remember to do it in your lucid dream.
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