Lucid Dreaming and Meditation | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Lucid Dreaming and Meditation
Lucid Dreaming and Meditation
If you simply do just ten minutes of meditation before you go to sleep can majorly improve your odds of having a lucid dream.

That small meditation session repeated for just 10 days will give you much better dreams and a much better mental state. (You should notice how you feel better throughout the day as well, like a side effect).

Here's a few ways to meditate.

1. Count from 100 to zero. Each time you lose track, just restart. Don't attach to try to remember where you were at; just start over and keep counting.

2. Focus your awareness on your breathing, through your lungs (or nose, or throat, if it's easier to focus on those). Just keep it natural and notice how it feels. If your mind starts thinking, just bring your focus back.

3. Do visualization, visualizing a natural setting - like a forest, beach, or garden - what ever creates a relaxing, stress-free environment. Visualize both close-up and far-aware features so you have a lot of elements to explore, along with a natural water source like an ocean, lake, stream, waterfall, or rainfall.

Explore the surroundings as long as you want to. You should finish feeling relaxed and refreshed.
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