10 Reasons why you must Start Meditating | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
10 Reasons why you must Start Meditating

1 – Remember your dreams easier

Meditating helps you make your awareness improve. When you're more aware of your surroundings, it's even easier to remember your dreams when you wake up.

2 – You never forget your dreams

Dreams are hard to remember since they get stored away somewhere deep in your subconscious. You don't actually totally forget them. When you are in a meditative trance, you can get into your subconscious and remember dreams from a long time ago.

3 – Staying still/ Keeping your eyes closed

Meditation is relaxation for the mind. As you meditate more, you get more calmer. When your mind is calm, it's easier to stay still and keep your eyes closed.

4 – Instant lucid dreams

In the morning when you first wake up, it's easy to go right back into a dream and be lucid. Your mind will already be in an alternate state of consciousness before you are fully awaken. When you meditate, it's way easier for you to shift your awareness back onto your last dream to go right back inside it. It a really easy way to lucid dream, and meditation makes it way more easier to do.

5 – Staying calm inside the dream

It's easy for you to get emotional when you have a lucid dream, and when you lose control of your emotions it is very easy for you to wake yourself up. Meditation makes it so you will be able to control your emotions much easier and not wake up.

6 – Staying inside the dream for longer

The whole thing about lucid dreaming is staying aware in your dream. If you lose awareness, your lucid dream then turns into a normal dream and lucidity be gone. Keep your awareness as long as you can, and stay focused on the lucid dream. Meditation makes it even easier to focus on you dream, keeping you in the dream longer.

7 – Having more control inside the dream

One great thing about lucid dreaming, is getting to manipulate the dream world. This can be hard or near impossible, and it will take some time and practice. Meditation helps you control your mind, making it easier, and it cuts down on the practice time you need. Your lucid dreams can be way more fun when you meditate.

8 + 9 + 10 The other main techniques

Reality checks, lucid affirmations and visualizations are good little tricks, though let's be honest – they are actually forms of meditation, or hypnosis.

Reality checks.

When you do reality checks, you aren't just looking at something. You are focusing all of your awareness on it. You are staring at the digital watch or hands, and you are concentration on a few thoughts, like Am I Dreaming?

Lucid affirmations.

You are repeating the affirmations over and over to your subconscious mind trying to get it to listen to you. You're doing hypnosis here.


When see a scene in your mind, you are concentrating on the visualization. Nothing else matters. Soon you can be fully immersed in the dream, as a lucid dream.
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