Lucid Dreaming Tips: Prospective Memory Training | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Lucid Dreaming Tips: Prospective Memory Training
Lucid Dreaming Tips: Prospective Memory Training
1. This exercise needs to be done over an entire week. When you wake up in the morning, just read the targets for that day. Don't look at the targets for future days. Memorize the days targets.
2. What you want to do it notice the next occurrence of each event, and perform a simple test each time: Ask the question, "Am I dreaming?" You're goal is to notice each target once-the first time it happens.
3. At the end of the day, make a note of how many of the four targets you noticed that day. If you realize during the day that you missed one of the targets, then you have failed to hit that target, even if you notice its occurrence later in the day. If you're certain the one or more of the targets never occurred at all during the day, put that in the days notes.
4. At the end of the week, if you're still missing most of your targets, keep on with the exercise until you can hit most of them. Make up your own list of targets, note your success rate, and observe how your memory improves.

The next time I... See a flower... Look at my face in the mirror... Turn on the light... See a pet or animal.
The next time I... Drink Something... Feel pain... Hear someone say my name... Write anything down.
The next time I... Throw something in the garbage... Hear music... See a traffic light... hear laughter.
The next time I... See a red car... See a vegetable... Handle a gift card... Turn on the computer.
The next time I... hear The cell phone ring... Check the time... Notice myself daydreaming... read something.
The next time I... Open the door... Use the bathroom after noon... See a bird... See the stars.
The next time I... See an advertisement... Use a lock... See a bicycle... eat anything after breakfast.
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