Lucid Dreaming Reflection Intention | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Lucid Dreaming Reflection Intention
Lucid Dreaming Reflection Intention
The idea of reflection intention is forming a habit that will ultimately go with you into the dream world. Method: Practice reality checks multiple times a day, asking yourself if you are dreaming, and really meaning it. The habit will possibly carry over into your dreams, where you then test your reality and prove to be dreaming, turning the dream into a lucid dream.

Doing reality checks when you see your dream signs and when you first wake up in the morning help increase the odds of succeeding. When a test proves negative, use this to practice some visualisation. It's good training at least once a day to practice what it is like to be lucid.

To practice:

Visualize your self in a dream.

Look around yourself as you go about your business and recognize any of your dream signs.

Now imagine that you've just registered that this is a dream, now becoming lucid.

Imagine yourself reality checking positive to make sure you are dreaming.

Then imagine yourself carrying out something in your dream, like visualize yourself flying away.

When done, tell yourself firmly "Next time I am dreaming, I will become aware that I am dreaming."

Comment: Reflection intention is a great way to familiarise yourself with some basic visualisation techniques as you can actually see the "dreamscape" around you. While some people have reported success with this method, success is probably limited, but it's still good training ground to get going, when starting to first lucid dream.
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