Mantras Induced Lucid Dreams (MILD) | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Mantras Induced Lucid Dreams (MILD)
Mantras Induced Lucid Dreams (MILD)
Mantras are where you keep saying phrases to reinforce an idea. They are best when always in present tense, never in future tense. For example, instead of "Tonight I will have a lucid dream." you say "I lucid dream tonight". It's because our minds interpret "I will" as the future, not now.

As an example, to induce a Dream Induced Lucid Dream is: "When I dream, I look at my hands and notice I am dreaming".

You want to say this during day along with day time training, like reality checks and all-day awareness, and then as you fall to asleep. When you're between awake and asleep, our minds are way more receptive to listening to our suggestions.

This teaches your mind by repeating mantra (affirmation) over and over to remember to notice in a dream that you're dreaming.

Other mantras are best repeated when you're falling asleep, as the last thought before you off to sleep. They can be used for almost anything.

For example...
- After each dream I wake up and remember it. (Remember your dream journal!)
- I remember my dreams when I wake up in the morning. (Dream recall.)
- My have good memory and dream recall get's better each day. (If you have trouble remembering dream.)
- I wake up with eyes closes, and do not move. (Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dream.)
- I wake up after six hours of sleep. (For Wake-Back-to-Bed, Dream Induced Lucid Dream, Finger Induced Lucid Dream, just about any method.)
- My dreams are long, stable, vivid, and easy to remember. (Dream control.)
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