Lucid Dreaming Tips: Spinning a new Dream Scene | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Lucid Dreaming Tips: Spinning a new Dream Scene
Lucid Dreaming Tips: Spinning a new Dream Scene
Spinning while having a lucid dream can do more for you than simply prevent you from waking up too early. It can also let you visit your own created dream scene. Here's how to do it.

1. At bed time, decide on a person, time, and place you want to go visit in your lucid dream. The target person and place can be a real or imaginary, and in any time, past, present, or future.

2. Write down and memorize a target phrase, and as vividly as you can, visualize your self at your target and firmly resolve to make the visit in a dream tonight.
3. It's possible that just from having the intention, you find yourself in a non-lucid dream at your target. But, a more reliable way to get there is to become lucid before getting there, and then seek your goal while lucid. When you're in a lucid dream at the time where the dream is starting to fade and it looks like you're going to wake up, then spin, while repeating your target phrase at the same time, until you are in a vivid dream scene-hopefully your targeted person, time, and place.
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