Staying Lucid When the Lucid Dream Starts | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Staying Lucid When the Lucid Dream Starts
Staying Lucid When the Lucid Dream Starts
One of the biggest problems when starting to have lucid dreams, is waking up when you first becoming lucid in a dream. The reason for this happening is because when you are lucid, you are very close to waking up. So if you make your consciousness jolt, your brain can easily wake up.

To get past this, you need to just practice and work on not getting overexcited when your lucid dream starts. Once you start the lucid dream, then you should be able to go right to dream control. For example, tell yourself, "I'm going to fly!" and just do it. You probably won't need any further help than this.

Some people will need work on "unlearning" the restrictions from the waking life. If you got a spirit guide, it's way easier to do.

Just like with every thing else, it takes practice. You might want to start with small things, like morphing objects. Since objects often morph or change on their own in dreams, you shouldn't have much trouble doing this. By the time you get here, you should have the lucid dream under control enough that you don't get too excited and wake yourself up.
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