What is Sleep Paralysis – Sleep Paralysis and Lucid Dreaming | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
What is Sleep Paralysis – Sleep Paralysis and Lucid Dreaming
What is Sleep Paralysis – Sleep Paralysis and Lucid Dreaming
Sleep paralysis is actually just a natural phenomenon that happens every night to all humans as your body defense mechanism to preventing you from acting out your dreams. For example, if you're trying to run or fly, you really do not want to act it out with your physical body. Some people are able to consciously wake up before their bodies do and then they are aware of sleep paralysis as soon as they try to move. Your brain just thinks you're still sleeping while your conscious is awake and aware, so it's certainly a terrifying experience when you can't move. But once you notice how harmless sleep paralysis is, next you want to learn how to turn sleep paralysis into lucid dreams.

If you're fearful during sleep paralysis, naturally you can easily start to experience a nightmarish like environment. But everything is just in your head. Once you learn to become calm and relaxed, the bad experiences will stop.

When you wake up and find yourself in sleep paralysis, don't struggle to wake yourself up. Just relax and use this to create a lucid dream.

If you experience being aware during sleep paralysis, you got a big advantage over other lucid dreamers that don't. This is because you're already aware while your body is asleep! Just keep your body asleep and go back in the dream world and it's lucid dream time. Enjoy!

Being aware in a dream is exactly what lucid dreaming is, and being naturally aware when in sleep paralysis is not such a bad thing since it gives you a shortcut into lucid dreaming. The only challenge you have is overcoming any fear of sleep paralysis.

Once you notice you're awake and aware you're in sleep paralysis, just relax and imagine yourself leaving your body and entering the a dream world that you then imagine. This almost always works. Just feel like your conscious is exiting your body and flying away. First is can be totally dark, but just start to picture an atmospheres or think "MAXIMUM CLARITY NOW," then suddenly you're in a vivid dream world. For example, when I yelled out "MAXIMUM CLARITY NOW," I quickly got a five second sun rise starting a massively vivid lucid dream!
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