Lucid Dream Stabilization | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Lucid Dream Stabilization
Lucid Dream Stabilization
Lucid Dream stabilization is required for beginning lucid dreamers to learn. If you don't learn this, you are way more likely to get frustrated by just waking yourself up before you can do much in your lucid dream.

A lot of times, emotions get in your way. You do a reality check, realize that you are dreaming, become lucid and then you just get excited and end up waking up.

Remember, anything you believe in a dream is true. So try not to be afraid and believe you are going to wake up you got all the time in the world to do everything you want to do in your lucid dream.

If you are just starting out in lucid dreaming, remember to try dream stabilization techniques and get the hang of them before you try doing dream control techniques. Yes, the point is to control your dreams, and you just want to jump right in to that. The problem with this is it can just give you more problems! The more control you try to have before you're ready, the less stable your lucid dream will be, and the more likely you are to wake up before you want to.

Basics of Dream Stabilization

Basically, dream stabilization requires physical movement in the dream, or interacting with your dream environment.

Doing things like spinning around, rubbing your hands together, and shaking your head can help. Physical movements also help you ground yourself in the dream, and remembering to move around physically can also calm you down. You can also try just walking around and interacting with the dream environment.

The main point to dream stabilization is making yourself really inhabit the dream. This is not taking control of the dream too soon, but instead, experiencing it for what it is. Sometimes, dream stabilization is easier than other times. Some days you might have a hard time getting your dream to stabilize at all, while other times, it'll be very easy and you can just start taking control right away.

In general, as you get more experienced are you're more confident in your ability to stabilize a dream, you can then get your dreams stabilized faster and more efficiently. The key is to believe in yourself and try doing different methods until you find out what keeps working for you.
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