Visualization Training for Lucid Dreams | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Visualization Training for Lucid Dreams
Visualization Training for Lucid Dreams
Do Part A once or twice a day for at least two or three days. Each session doesn't need to be longer than five minutes. Then go to part B.

Part A.

1. Get an object to look at, like an apple, a candle, or a rock. Choose something simple and small. Place it a few feet away from you and sit facing it.

2. With your eyes open, try to encompass the complete object with your vision. Try to take in on overall visual impression, and not just concentrate on specific feature of it. And time you get distracting thoughts and perceptions, just acknowledge them and let them go away.

3. After a few minutes of doing this, close your eyes and watch the afterimage of the object until it goes away. Next open your eyes and look intently at the object again. Do this multiple times; the afterimage should keep becoming more and more clear and vivid each time. Don't strain your eyes to create an image. Just let the clarity emerge as if of its own will.

Part B.

1. Start out by repeating Part A several times.

2. Then with your eyes open, move your sight away from the object and try to visualize it right in front of you, several feet away, floating at eye level. It can seem strange at first, but don't strain. Just try to let the outlines of the image emerge in space. Another way to start is by concentrating on the way you feel about the object and not on its detailed structure. Just accept that the item occupies the space where you're gazing, and notice that feeling-that the image occupies the space because you want it to. The sense of seeing an image will show up from that awareness and feeling.

3. When have no trouble visualizing the item right in front of you, re-do step 2, but this time visualize it right inside you. Since some lucid dream induction methods require visualizations of items in the throat area, try to see the object in your throat, and then move it out. Move your visualization from external to internal positions over and over, until it's effortless.
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