Physical Healing in Lucid Dreams | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Physical Healing in Lucid Dreams
Physical Healing in Lucid Dreams
Lucid dreams and the relation with physical healing has been explored a lot by lucidity researchers Robert Waggoner and Ed Kellogg. Their experiments and research have revealed some possible correlations between lucid dream healing and receiving actual physical healing of the body. While the placebo effect shows the mind's ability to heal the body without and medication, can the same thing be triggered with lucid dreaming?

The lucid dreamers tried to achieve dream healing in multiple ways, Waggoner notes. While lucid dreaming, some would consciously manipulate their dream body and mentally provide healing thoughts on the diseased area. Others directed healing to the diseased area, which a lot of times was manifested as light shooting from their hands. One group even made a healing environment or healing potion.

Ed Kellogg has done a lot to investigate lucid dream healing: He first experimented on himself in 1984 by becoming lucid in a dream, and trying to heal a severely infected tonsil. After waking, the signs of infection and pain had gone down by about 95%. With Ed's doctorate in biochemistry, he took a very scientific approach to this subject and has pioneered healing in lucid dreams.

On the other hand, some lucid dreamers report no noticeable success with attempting lucid dream healing. This group was more likely to try indirect methods of healing, like seeking medical advice in the lucid dream. It appears that lucid dreamers who have the most success with healing, act directly with the problem, focusing their healing intent, and got a stronger expectation of success.

You can get more info on lucid dream healing from Robert Waggoner's book: Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self.
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