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Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: T
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: T
Tazer Someone You Like And Tell Them It Was A Joke.
Two Words, Five Syllables. Zero. Gravity.
Take A Bath In Money.
Teach Somebody To Fly.
Take A Bubble Bath.
Try The Oculus Rift.
Typical Buckeye Lol!
Time Anchor, Ask Anything You Want To Find Out, A Specific Event Or Time For.
Try Out If You Can Stick Your Arm In Your Belly And Grab An Organ.
Take Part In A Viking Feast. Eat Meat And Drink Mead Then Brawl With Overly Manly Vikings And Get Laid With Pretty Nordic Women Afterwards.
Try Cat Food.
Take An Elevator.
Take On The Viewpoint Of A White Blood Cell, Moving Through Your Body As You Fight An Incoming Infection.
Trip Over Nothing And Accidentally Punch Somebody While Falling Down.
Taste A Star.
Train Pokemon.
Think Of Something Without Making It Appear In Front Of You **super Hard**.
Transfer Your Energy Into An Obe.
Take Psychotropic Drugs.
Tamper With Your Genetic Makeup Such As Making Yourself Based On Boron-silicate.
Take Your Nose Off.
Teach A Dream Charecter How To Lucid Dream.
Take Away Facebook And See What Happens To Society.
Teach Human Race About Love.
Take A Pen And Draw Things You Want To Summon.
Take On Darth Maul, Darth Sidious Or Count Dooku In A Duel.
Take A Picture Using A Camera And See What Happens.
Teach A Class On How To Lucid Dream, Then Go To Sleep With The Dc's.
Take Flight As A Golden Eagle.
Tame A Creature And Use It In Battles.
Think Of The Scariest Thing That Can Possibly Happen And Fight It With Your Fist.
Take Over The World With Neo-you.
Take A Hammer And Pound Nails Into Your Body.
Try Out The Jump Program From The Matrix For The First Time. See If You Make It.
Teach A Cow To Do Pull Ups.
Taste The Rainbow.
Terrorize The Shores Of Europe With Your Viking Crew, Gain Riches, Bang Women, And Get The Hell Out Of There Before They Can Retaliate!
Type An Essay Without It Changing.
Time To Get Creative And Add Photo Links.
Take A Big Breath And Try To Realize That Your Not Even Breathing.
Taste Otherwise Untastable Things.
Take The Role Of Hiei From Yu Yu Hakusho.
Twist The Streets, Roads Cities, And Buildings, Like Inception, Yes, But Better.
Take The Form Of A Hurricane Or Tornado, And Destroy A Whole City.
Train An Army Of Penguins.
Talk to Jesus About His Life.
Teach An Entire Dream Population How To Fly.
Touch A Neko Girl's Ears!
Try And Influence Feelings, Such As Being Hungry, Needing To Use The Bathroom Etc.
Train Some Of Your Best Friends And/or Girlfriend In The Jedi/sith Arts.
Tear Open Space-time.
Try Tame A Golden Dragon (Awsome If You Manage To Tame It.).
Telepathicly Make People I Know Feel Certain Ways About Me Like Respect Me More Or Something.
Taste A Cloud.
Then Revive Him And Slap Him In The Face, Then Say You Are Sorry.
Take Over Reddit.
Tease People Because They Can't Fly.
Tiptoe Through The Tulips.
Teach Maths To A Class Of 2000 People Of Different Cultures And Intelligence Levels.
Taste Water.
Tear The Blue Off The Sky Like Wallpaper And Expose The Real Sky.
Take Some Melatonin Pills.
Try The Stairway To Heaven (Or The Highway To Hell?).
Try A Food You Have Never Tasted In Real Life.
Take A Tree Out Of The Ground By It's Roots.
Think Of A Song In Your Head To Make It Like Speakers In The Dream. Have Everyone At Time Square Dance To It!
Take A Dinosaur To Work.
Tramsform Into A Sasquatch And Let The Dunces From Finding Bigfoot Hunt You.
Trip Up A Set Of Stairs (If It's Been Said Then Trip Upstairs Upside Down).
Tear A Hole In The Space-time Continuum And Fly Through It. See What You Find.
Take Your Eyes Out And Put Them On Your Hands.
Take A Ferris Wheel Off Its Stand, And Roll It Down A Street.
Take A Long Walk Outside In The Night Throughout The City.
Take Every Disease In The World And Assemble It Into One Giant Monster...then Battle It And Defeat It For The Sake Of Humanity.
Take The Gun From The Cops Arresting You.
Traverse Clouds.
Take Some Lessons At Hogwarts, Then Ultimately Conquer The School With Your Newfound Powers.
Take It With You On The Rest Of These Goals.
Tear Apart With My Bare Hands Michael Clarke Duncan On Half.
Taste And Share The Paopu Fruit With Sora And Kairi.
Tear Down An Entire Building With Your Bare Hands.
Take Any Kind Of Drug, Or All Of Them All At Once.
Tazer Somone You Don Like.
Test A Tsunami.
Touch Sound..
Take An Arrow In The Knee.
Try Out Hairstyles And See Them On Yourself.
Take A Pill Designed To Keep You In A Lucid Dream For 1 Month.
Taste Gold.
Taste That Somthig Is Red.
Take Out A Magical Piece Of Paper And Make Your Drawings Come To Life.
Take A Bullet For Abraham Lincoln.
Take Over Youtube, Allowing Only Videos Of Cats To Remain.
Take The Cage Of A Desk Fan And Use It To Shred People. Twisted Evil.
Try Taking Over The World.
Train With Goku.
Then, Have The Exact Opposite Dream From The One You Wrote About.
Try Out A Different Job.
Tunnel Through The Ground Via Eating Dirt.
Take A Nap On A Cloud.
Then Falcon Pawnch Justin Bieber In Slow Mo.
Take Part In An Oil Orgy.
Time Dilate In Your Dream And Live An Entire Lifetime.
Take On Sephiroth.
Troll A Dc.
Try Melatonin. In Your Dreams To Keep Going Down In Dream Levels.
Try Out Cartoon Physics.
Telekinetically Change Your Clothes.
Try And Recreate What Happened In The Last Game You Played.
Take A Swordfight Against Myself.
Think Of An Idea So Incredible, Just Thinking About It Makes Your Head Explode.
Take Random People's Ipods And See What Song Plays When You Hit Play.
Take Your Favorite Tf Comic Or Episode And Watch It From A "Non Interfering" Stand Point.
Travel With The Doctor In His Tardis.
Take Over Every Business In America And Tell Donald Trump he's Fired.
Taste Using Your Nose, Smell Using Your Ears, See Using Your Hands.
Taste Colors.
Take Someone With You On A Flying Trip.
Trap An Enemy Inside A Painting, Then Giggle At Them.
Team Up With Him And Devise A Plot To Destroy All Magazines Except Mad.
Take Pictures In Your Dreams And Store Them For Later Use.
Think Of More Stuff To Do In Your Dream.
Train At A Skill In Your Dream And Become Expert At It In Irl,(Sniper).
Try And Discover Cures For Real Diseases (Maybe It'll Work In Reality?).
Taste Something You Have Never Tasted Before.
Try Not To Control Things And Just See What Happens.
Take Over A Dc's Life And Just Do Whatever He/she Does.
Try Sleeping.
Take A Flight Of Fancy On Your Futuristic Hoverboard - Which Travels Across Land, Sea, Air... And Even Uphill. Marty Mcfly Would Be Proud.
Therapy Session With The Empty Space And Dissolve Your Own Body.
Then Scoff The Lot.
Try A 'bliss' Patch (A Highly Addictive Drug In The Form Of A Patch On The Neck, From Doctor Who).
Team Up With Pinkie, Kill Pinkamena, And Make Sure Cupcakes Never Happens.
Two Words/ 3 Sylables....portal Gun.
Trap Someone's Soul Inside An Orb And Play Around With It.
Try Sharing A Dream With Someone You Know.
Touch An Airplanes Spinning Propellers While They're Spinning!
Take Off All Your Clothes Yo!
Trip On A Hallucinogen And Time Travel/teleport.
Take A Nap.
Then, Challenge Them To A Knife Fight. Make Them Coward Out Of It.
Take Place In An Ancient Battle (Like During The Times Of Babylon, Egypt, Etc.).
Take A Nap And Have A Lucid Dream.
Try Some Dream Toast.
Take A Holiday In Cambodia (It's Tough Kid, But It's Life!).
Troll A Dc Then Morph Your Head Into Trollface And Start Singing Trolololo. Look At The Dc's Face.
Try Tamper With Brain Cells And Hormones To Effect Your Waking Like. For Example Make Yourself Not Hungry In Waking Life.
Trip The Big Kool-aid Guy And Watch All The Kool-aid Spill Out Of Him And Say"Ohhhhh-yeahhhh!".
Take A Journey To The Center Of The Earth And Explore What Lies Within. Remember This Is Fantasy Land. Science Goes Out The Window...
Take A Blood Bath.
To Infinity And Beyond.
Take Your Brand New Ferrari Out For A Spin.
Take Somebody's Nose.
Trip And Miss The Ground.
Tornado Surf.
Thinking Of Items Too Add To This List While You Are Sleeping Wink.
Take A Lighter To Old Salem And Get Burned For Being A Witch.
Team Up With Link And Save Hyrule.
Take A Time Machine To The 1930s And Travel With The Circus Freaks.
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: U
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: U
Unscrew Somebody's Skull Off Of Their Head.
Understand The Theory Of Relativity.
Unicorns, Unicorns, And Lollipops (Getting Random Now....).
Unearth Earth's Crust.
Unlock World's Hardest Lock.
Unpack A Box In Your New Attic.
Unseal Something.
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: V
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: V
Vomit A Rainbow.
View Your Hometown 300 Years From Now.
Vomit On Someone So He/she Melts.
Vulcan Nerve Pinch A Dc.
Video Tape Somthing And Email It To Yourself.
Video Tape A Bunch Of Stuff And Make It A Weird Little Indie Movie Then Project It Onto The Sky And Watch It With All The Dream Characters.
View Or Take Part In The Final Battle Of Good And Bad. Justice League Vs The Villains Or Marvel Vs Dc, Or Mk Vs Street Fighter Vs Tekken.
Vomit Molten Lava.
View The World From The Angle Of Your Pet.
Video Tape Number 847 And Play It In Slow Mo.
Visualize Something In Four Dimensional Space.
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: W
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: W
Wear Furniture.
Write On Paper And See What Happens.
Win The Ultimate Showdown!
While Playing Pokemon Go, Jump In Front Of Traffic.
While Playing Pokemon Go, Find A Church On Fire At 4 Am.
Witness 2012 And Live.
Whisper And Then Make It Sound Really Hard Two Metres Around You.
Write Something, Get Another Dc To Read It Back To You.trying Going Onto The Internet.
While The Homeless Person Is Crying Tell Them That Its Allright Because You'll Remove Their Clothes For Them.
When You Feel Like Waking Up, Grab Ocarina Of Time And Play Song Of Time And Get To The Beginning Of Your Dream. Repeat. Enjoy Infinite Ld.
Write The Number 3388 In The Sand With A Stick.
Wake Your Friends Up...and Dream Together In The Same Place.
Win The World Series.
While In A House, Elevate The Floor Up Or Down. (Already Done! Very Happy).
Write Songs.
Write A Letter To Your Subconscious Asking To Make You Become Lucid More Often.
While Playing Pokemon Go, Run Into A Cop.
Work On Expanding Your Mind's Abilities. Spend Some Time Working On Things You're Bad At. For Example, I'm Bad At Physically Manifesting Things In Front Of My Eyes. I Can Actually Make Small Lasers Now, But Before They Were Always Invisible Lasers. I Still Can't Teleport Without Doing Some Fancy Spin Technique Though. And My Mind Is Absolutely Horrid At Maintaining Dream Cohesion, Working On Having My Brain Remember Details About The World Around Me Would Be Another Things I'd Like My Brain To Get Good At.
Witness The Universe Get Created.
While Playing Pokemon Go, Get Shot.
Wild Into A New Lucid Dream And Do The Same In That. Repeat And Get To As Many 'dream Levels' As You Can.
Warp The Laws Of Reality, And Transform Your Dreamscape Into An Escher Painting. Subsequently, Explore!
While Playing Pokemon Go, Get Stuck In A Tree.
Write The Greatest Story Ever Written And Then Burn It.
Witness An Atomic Explosion.
Write Book Entirely In Dream. Take Notes, And Try To Recreate That Book In The Real World.
Witness Nuclear Warfare.
Win The Hunger Games.
Weakamon Sure Doesn't Like Them Undead..
Wake Up A Random Dc Napping.
Witness The End Of The Universe.
Wizard Battle!!!
Work On An Essay For School And Write It When You Wake Up.
While Playing Pokemon Go, Call 911 Over A Stolen Pokemon.
Wield A Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts).
With Your Mind, Push Mount Everest Down Into The Ground So It Is Flat Land.
Wear A Robot Suit That Is Made Out Of Clouds.
Witness My Birth.
While A Dc Is Sitting On A Chair, Make The Chair Spin Extremely Fast In All Directions.
Witness The Big Bang.
Wake Up, Dont Move, And Successfully Reenter The Dream.
While Playing Pokemon Go, Find A Dead Body.
Write "This Is A Dream" Across The Sky In Winnie The Pooh's Blood, Because Why Not.
While Playing Pokemon Go, Trespass.
Write A Poem, Then Write It Down After You Wake Up.
Win Oscar For Being The Biggest Douche, And People Will Applaud You.
Wake Up Completely Refreshed.
Win Something.
Witness A New Color.
While Inside An Airplane, Go To The Pilot's Cabin, Knock Out The Pilot, Take Over Control And Say It's Show Time!
Write A Paper.
Win A Golden Ticket And Take The Tour Of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Taste The Guilt-free Delights Of Your Own Personal Candy Land.
Wear Sunglasses So You Get Supah Powahs.
Wear Majora's Mask.
Write In Your Dream Journal About The Dream You're About To Have.
Write A Dream Journal In Your Dream As Thing Happen.
Wield Mjolnir.
While Floating In The Air, Blow Up A City Below. Watch The Havoc From Up Above.
Witness The Roswell Event.
Wonder Why 666 Is The Number Of The Beast. Why Not 1337 Or 123.
Win An Ostrich Race!
Warp Spacetime To Fabricate A New Reality.
Win An Olympic Gold Medal.
Win A Game Show.
While Playing Pokemon Go, Fall Over A Cliff.
Work In A Restaurant Where You Make The Best Pancakes.
With James Bond, Fly A Jet Overtop Of An Enemy Base, Parachute Out And Take It Over.
Wonder At How I Have No Life.
Write Something More Intelligent Than Shakespeare.
Wreck The Joke, Several Times.
Wither A Fig Tree.
Win The Case.
Write A Book In Your Dream Read It Notice You Can't Read It Become Lucid Then Publish The Book Irl.
Wake Up From Life To Realize You Were Dreaming The Whole Ti.. Cuts Off In Mid Sentence As He Just Exited Rem.
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Y
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Y
Yu Gi Oh! Style Duel.
You Can Make An Infinite Army Of Chuck Norris.
You Are A World Champion Fighter. Step In The Octagon And Unleash Hell On Your Mortal Enemy (Or Anyone Else Who Happens To Deserve It).
Yell As Loud As You Can.
You Can Teleportate To You'r Idol's House!
Your Dream Journal, Write Your Last Dream As A Haiku.
You Can Be Man Or Women Or Kid Or Animal Or Any Thing.
Yell At Your Boss.
Yell So Loud That You Break All The Glass Around You.
You're Predator Battling With Alien.
Your 15th-century Ancestor Has Just Woken Up From Cryogenic Sleep! Be Their Guide To The Modern World And All Its Technology.
You Can Be Magician.
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Z
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Z
Zombie Apocalypse.
Zineth (Skating In High Speed Through A Colorful Desert City And Flying With A Hawk).
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: N
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: N
Nuclear Yourself.
Nuke Everything!!!!
Nominate Monty Python For President.
Nuke Your House.
Narrorate What A Dc Is Doing.
Nuke Your Imagination.
Negate Your Sense Of Touch, Hot Feels Cold, Rough Feels Smooth, Etc.
Nuke The Universe.
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: O
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: O
Open A Haunted House.
Overthrow A Tyrant.
Order One Of Everything At A Restaurant Then Leave And Watch Through The Window What Happens.
Own The World.
Obseve The Bio-chemistry Of Extraterrestrials.
Observe The Nature Of The Electron In The Double Slit Experiment Without Disrupting The Interference Pattern.
Observe Spontaneous Combustion.
Over Dose On I-doser (Impossible In Irl).
Order A Pint Of Vellocet Down At The Moloko Bar.
Open A Museum.
Own A Multinational And Do What It Takes To Keep It Running.
Obtain An Evil Fish.
Own The 'golden Compass' From The Movie To Go To Different Dimensions.
Open A Restaurant With A Completely Open Menu.
Own Your Own Theme Park.
Open A Portal Into Someone Elses Dream And Start Messing With Their Dream.
Order A Pizza With Weird Toppings... Then Eat It.
Own All Of Wall Street.
Open An Empty Book To Have The Next New York Times Bestseller Reveal Itself To Me. Publish And Get Lots Of Money.
Own The World Because You're Just That Rich.
Open Up Your Own Brothel!
Own A Companion Monster And Name Him Something Cool Like Asphemitran Morphasis.
Open A Drawer And Discover An Entire Civilization In There.
Own A Tardis.
Organize A Freeze, Musical Moment, And/or Some Other Kind Of Public Adventure.
Open A Mystery Box From Call Of Duty: Zombies Mode.
Open An Hell Portal In The Middle Of City.
Open Your Pocket And Let The Cloud Out In A Crowded Street.
Open Someone's Completely Random Door To A House, Throw A Flashbang In And Look Back In Like 10 Min.
Open And Walk Through A Door Backwards. See Where You End Up.
Obtain Information About Your Future.
Open A "Windows Media Player" Window And Listen...
Obtain Super Powers Like The X-men. Bend Metal With Your Mind, Read Other People's Thoughts And Teleport Anywhere Instantly.
Open A Box Marked "Surprise".
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: P
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: P
Perform A Ritual.
Put Peanut Butter On The Top Of Mount Everest Have My Dog Climb It Just So It Can Lick It.
Point At A Car And Make It Explode.
Project Self Into The Astral Plane, And Or Discover Alternate Planes Of Existence I Wasn't Aware Of Beforehand.
Punch A Tv Until It Cries?
Put Alot Of Lipstick On So It Covers Your Entire Face With Red.
Participate In A Battle From Romace Of The Three Kingdoms - Which Is Basically The Dynasty Warriors Series.
Perform Inception On The President Of The Us.
Pay The Most Distracting Dc $10,000 To Keep The Other Dcs From Distracting You.
Perform Alchemy And Summon The Philosopher's Stone.
Punch At The Air So Quickly That The Shockwave Destroys Your Surroundings.
Pull Out Your Brain And Ask It A Question.
Perform Inception On A Dream Character.
Perform Surgery On Your Own Body.
Punch A Penguin Into Orbit While In Antarctica.
Pick Up A Boulder And Launch It At A Commercial Airplane.
Perform The "Screw Gravity" Meme From Asdf Movie. Right Next To A Dc And Watch Their Reaction.
Put Your Hand In An Industrial Shredder.
Put A Soundtrack On All Your Awesome Endeavors.
Pull Other People's Eyes Out.
Pull All The Planets In Your Solar System Into The Sun.
Pop Outside Of A Cake At Someone's Birthday Party.
Practice The Perfect Kiss?
Purchase A Soul-eating Demon From The 19th Dimension.
Protect Someone From Someone Else, Then Harm The One You Saved.
Punch The Earth So Hard That You Cause A Giant Shockwave To Destroy Things Around You.
Push Down A High-priority Windows Update Which Deletes Windows And Installs Linux.
Put As Much Suns Or Moons In The Sky As You Can.
Propose To Your Crush.
Practice A Skill You Are Trying To Master In Real Life.
Put Your Zombie Plan In Action, And See If Your "Inner Self" Thinks It's Functional.
Pull Peoples Heads Off And Put Them Back On Upside Down.
Perform Onstage With Your Favorite Band/singer.
Put Yourself In A Fictional (Or Non-fictional) Setting And Live It Out. Sword Art Online, X-men, Walking Dead, Whatever You Want.
Pose For A Picture In Front Of The Mars Rover.
Play Mafia Ii.
Poke A Random Dc's Head And Watch Their Reaction.
Pile Up Wood Lite It On Fire With Your Mind Devour The Fire As If Its A Drink.
Pod Racing On Your Local Free Way.
Practice Kissing Or Various Moves On Dcs.
Put My Brain In Something Else.
Pour Windex On A Donut And Eat It.
Put A Folder Inside A Folder That Is Inside A Folder.
Put On An Alien Suit Just Before You Land.
Posses A Dc And Make Him Destroy A City.
Plan Ahead With You Gf And Experiment On How Things Would Go.
Poke Someone With A Straw Then Drink Their Blood Through That Straw.
Parkour Off Of Skyscrapers.
Plant A Seed In The Ground. Give It Some Water (That Makes The Seed Fullgrown In One Minute) And See What Grows Out Of It.
Poll Your Subconscious To Try And Remember Something You Had Forgotten.
Participate In A Street Race... With Sled Dogs. On The Moon.
Pimp Out A Turtle With Nos And Neon Lights. Ride It Around Town And Challenge Street Racers.
Part The Atlantic Oceans. Ever Read The Book Of Exodus, Where In The Story Moses Parts The Red Sea, Why Not Do That To The Atlantic?
Plant A Seed, Have A Flower Bloom In Front Of My Eyes, Give It To A Dc.
Practice Your Driving Skills In Case You Haven't Gotten License Yet.
Put Yourself As A Character From A Tv Show And Re-act The Episode From The Person's View.
Present New Ideas To Yourself Via Dream Characters.
Protect Your Ship From Pirates.
Push A Dc Into A Volcano.
Pass The Speed Limit And Tell To The Policeman That Youre The One Who Makes The Laws There.
Pull A Canvas Over The World And Remake It.
Predict All The Jokes Your Gonna Hear Right Before You Go To Watch A Comedian Live, Get There And Be Really Disappointed.
Produce A Beuatiful Storm.
Protect O.j. Simpson, Malcolm X And Mlkjr.
Practice Your Public Speaking Abilities In Front Of A Packed Auditorium.
Participate In The Hunger Games.
Put A Live Frag Grenade In Someone's Pants.
Pass Through A Mirror Portal And Emerge In A Different Dimension. Is This Earth Ii? What's Different? What Can You Learn From This Place?
Party Like It's 1999.
Possess A Dream Character.
Preform Inception On Yourself.
Pull The Sun Closer To Earth.
Pick Up Energy Off Of Power Lines And Become Electro Man!!
Pull Your Eyes Out.
Participate In An Epic Samurai Battle And Siege The Opposing Lord's Castle To Gain The Ultimate Honor!
Planting These Dream Seeds Will Help Cement Your Lucidity And Give Your Lucid Dreams More Meaningful Direction. It's Win-win.
Put A Stop To The Panic.
Pull Your Heart Out Of Your Chest And Watch It Beat.
Produce Music Without Any Instuments.
Puzzle Out A New Lucid Dreaming Induction Technique With Stephen Laberge.
Pull Out All Your Guts(Or Someone Elses!) And See How Long It Really Is.
Put On An Invisible Cloak On Everything But Something Like Your Head Or The Upper Half Of Your Body...
Put Cenobia And Celosia In One Room And See What Happens (Shadow Of The Colossus).
Prove Evolution To A Bunch Of Christian Fundamentalists By Turning Them Into Apes.
Pick Your Friends.
Purchase A Large Amount Of Boxes And Make A Box Fort.
Prevent One Direction From Becoming A Thing.
Participate In The Whitebeard War.
Put Yourself In The Role Of Neo In The First Matrix Movie, Starting By His Computer In His Room Just Like In The Film. See What Happens!
Practice For Something (An Encounter, A Song, Lines For A Play).
Portal Escape (Jump Through Portals To Escape A Secret Agent).
Put A Virus Into Your Own Computer.
Plant A Tree That Grows Something New Everytime You Visit It. [books, Gumdrops, Prisms, Tiny Cartoon Animals That Speak English, Etc.].
Put Yourself In An Insane Asylum - Alice, America Mcgee Style.
Practice Parkour Across Rooftops And Revel In The Freedom Of Movement.
Perform Gangnam Style In Madison Square Garden With A Bunch Of Other Toy Soldiers.
Prefrom A Mandible Claw On Dc
Pick Up Any Instrument And See If You Can Play Well.
Plant Something That Can't Be Planted (Like A Stetoscope, For Example) And See What Grows.
Pick Your Friend's Nose.
Pay A Visit To Burning Man At Night.
Put On A Pair Of Rollerblades And Glide Your Way Thru A City.
Portal Gun...nuff Said.
Predict 9/11 A Minute Before It Happens.
Prevent A Major Catastrophe (9/11, Pearl Harbor, Holocaust).
Purge Your Darkness And From Yourself And Fight It To The Death.
Push Over One Of The Stone Heads On Easter Island.
Pretend I Never Saw Those Posts.
Prank Phone Calls.
Point Your Finger Like A Magic Wand To Create And Destroy Objects In Your Dreamscape. What's The Largest Single Object You Can Influence?
Practice Parkour Without Being Hurt, So I Get Better At It In Rl.
Perform A Reality Check.
Preform Pink Floyd's The Wall N Its Entirety While In A Single Dream.
Pull All The Continents Together To Re-create Pangaea.
Ponder A Mysterious Vista.
Pull Out A Boombox In A Variety Of Situations And See The Result =d.
Phone Yourself In The Future To Find Out The Lottery Numbers.
Pull A Transmitter Out Of Your Pocket, And Say, Beam Me Up, Scotty.
Put On The Sorting Hat. Be Sorted.
Perform A Ghost Trick. (Play Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Irl To See What I Mean).
Pick Up A Paint Brush And See If You Can Paint A Masterpiece.
Pull Something From Inside A Picture.
Put A Jigsaw Puzzle Together.
Pick A Fight With Twenty People And Win.
Plan Out Your Next Day Exactly And Do It When You Wake Up...
Put A Message In A Bottle Into The Ocean And Find It In A Later Dream.
Preform Experiments In Theoretical Physics While Exploring The Universe.
Possess The Mind Of Other Dream Characters, In The Style Of Being John Malkovich. How Do You Appear From Their Perspective?
Perform Music Live Very Well.
Probably Said Before, But I'll Say It Anyway: Be The Pony.
Press The Easy Button And See What It Says.
Pick Your Nose.
Prevent 9/11.
Pull Off A Freefall Without Waking Up Scared.
Put A Dc Through A Lie Detector Test And Make Them Question Reality.
Participate In A Street Race. With Hoverboards. While Wielding Lightsabers.
Punch The Ground, Creating An Earthquake.
Picture Yourself In A Boat On A River, With Tendering Trees, And Marmelade Skies.
Perform Heart Surgery.
Practice Your Favorite Sports And Reinforce Your Automatic Procedural Memory For Each Set Of Muscle Movements.
Pretend You Are In A Video Game, And Play Along.
Point Your Finger Like Aa Gun And Shoot People By Saying "Bang!"
Preform Dark Magic, Or, Better Yet, Try To Influence Your Waking Life Using Dream Based Sigilian Magic!
Post A Message In This Thread.
Practicing My Guitar Skills.
Put On A Disguise And Become A Loved, Hated, And Feared Vigilante.
Pay Some Hobo All Your Stuff (In Your Dreams!!).
Pretend Your Like Cod And Run Around Shooting People With Ray Guns.
Participate In A Famous Historical Event Like The Sinking Of The Titanic.
Playing On Stage With A Rockstar.
Part Soup Like In Bruce Almighty (Laughing).
Parkour Off Buildings And Clouds And Cars. (Make Sure You're Dreaming Okay?)
Point At Something And Say Bam.
Pre-plan A Fight Like Robert Downey Jr. In The Sherlock Holmes Movies.
Pull The Moon Closer.
Pet A Fluffy Dog.
Put Wheels On Your Bed And Be Comfortable While You Drive.
Punch A Rock As Hard As You Possibly Can.
Push The Earth Out Of Orbit And See How The Population Slowly Dies Off.
Participate In A Series Of Aperture Science Tests.
Purge World Of Darkness.
Plant Nukes In Random Large Cities Then Blow Them Up And Watch The Destruction.
Put The Sun On An Ice Cream Cone And Eat It Like Ice Cream.
Put A Giant Building Inside A Giant Blender.
Pull A Rip Van Winkle.
Put A Dvd Or Video Into A Tv And See What It Plays.
Populate An Area With Dc's.
Prevent E.t. Returning Back Home By Destroying His Space Ship With A Spirit Bomb.
Punch A Demon In The Face.
Put On The Tights Of The Apocalypse.
Perform The Exorcism On Possessed Person.
Possess Someone.
Participate In A Street Race... With Hoverboards.
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Q
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Q
Quit Your Job.
Quit In The Middle Of The Game So Your Team Loses.
Question Everything, Even Squiggles And Colours In Visual Field.

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